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2K ultra-clear resolution brings sharp clarity to every meeting. Be seen by your peers or impress your boss with your high-quality video calls.

  • True-to-Life Images
  • Distortion-Free Lens
  • Look Nice in Any Light

The larger aperture captures more light so that even without extra illumination in dim settings, you can still look bright and professional.

Stereo Mics

Tell your colleagues or clients about your proposal without having to ask if they can hear you. Specialized dual mics use AI to pick up your voice while simultaneously reducing background noise for crystal-clear audio.

Versatile Field of View

Adjust how much the camera can see by choosing the angle of the opening. Without losing any image quality, you can pick from 65°, 78°, or 95° to show just your face or to include what’s behind you.

Built-In Privacy Cover

Your privacy is important to us. When not in use, you can slide on the built-in privacy cover to shield yourself from the camera.

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