With the rising popularity of smart home automation and The need for more information about this technology space, Gadgetside was built.

Gadgetside is an online gadget and technology magazine site. We are mostly focused on the smart home market. The site was launched on the 6th of January 2020, with the sole purpose of providing in-depth tech reviews, articles, and news.

Gadgetside is a sister site to Gamergiz owned by Geekscape concept, which is targeted to providing the latest updates and reviews and news about the gaming world. While Gadgetside site was built to help bring forward the latest news and updates in the Gadget and Smart-home world.

Gadgetside side is a fully independent company that is owned by the founder, Mahmud Dauda Mahmud (MdmLogics). Gadgetside didn’t receive or Apply for any outside investment or corporate ownership. Rather was built with the founder’s own resources with some help from close friends and family.

Why Gadgets:

Some might ask why did we choose to target the Gadget sector mostly, let’s say 80% of our content is targeted to smart home automation and cool gadgets.

And the answer is because the Gadgetside team is people who are genuinely interested in anything intelligent home automation and the latest devices.

We love the fact that companies are now rolling out new products almost every day that helps to automate our homes and make life easier.


Mahmud Daud:

Mahmud is the Founder and CEO of Gadgetside. With an everlasting love for Gadgets and Smart home Automation, Mahmud has reviewed and written in-depth articles around the tech and smart home market.

With nearly five years of writing experience in the field of technology. Mahmud has worked with several tech sites before decided to build his website. With skills in programming (java, JavaScript, CSS, and python) to be precise, online marketing, and content promotion. Mahmud used these skills to gain more experience in website building and management.

Mahmud is what you call an introvert. Mostly on his working on new articles and projects. He still tries to socialize as much as he can when he has the time.

His hobbies include playing basketball, cooking, writing new articles, and early morning jogging. He is a cool person to be with anyways.