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Amazon Echo Vs Echo Dot. Which One Should you Get?


The Amazon echo franchise has a list of smart devices like the Echo, Echo dot, Echo Show, and so much more Under its name. But when it comes to smart speakers, you have two options to pick from, which are the Echo and Echo dot smart speaker.

With both speakers being top-rated and well sold, you may find it difficult when deciding on which one you should pick. 

And while the decision boils down to personal preference, factors like size, sound quality, cost, and smart home support may be taken into consideration to help ease your decision-making process. 

In this post, we will be comparing between the Amazon Echo speaker, and it’s smaller brother, the Echo Dot. To see which one will best suit you. 

Echo Vs Echo Dot : Design

Echo vs Echo Dot

When it comes to design, the difference between the Echo and Echo dot is noticeable. In size, there both have the same diameter at 3.9inches wide. But the Amazon Echo speaker is significantly taller at 5.8inches and weighs more at 1.7 pounds compared to the Echo Dot, which sits at 1.7 inches tall and weighs 10.6 ounces.

So yes, when it comes to size, the two devices are worlds apart. If you live in a small apartment with little space or you just want a speaker for your room. The Amazon Echo Dot is best option thanks to its compact and discreet design.

Aesthetics wise I love the new fabric cover design on the new speakers, both speakers looked sleek, modern, and elegant. Which is way better than the previous generation’s metallic casing.

Both the Echo and Echo Dot all come with multiple color options to choose from. You can get the Echo in Charcoal, Twilight Blue, Heather Grey, and Sandstone, while the Echo Dot comes in Charcoal, Plum, Sandstone, and Heather grey color options.

You could also get the Echo dot with clock, which has an inbuilt LED for displaying time, temperature, and alarms. With so many color options to choose from, I am sure you would find an Echo speaker that will fit your interior design perfectly. 

Echo Vs Echo Dot: Sound quality

Amazon Echo vs Echo Dot

When it comes to sound quality, both the Echo and Echo dot produces impressive sounds, Either for music consumption or Alexa commands. 

But the winner this time is the Echo, thanks to its larger speakers, which gives out higher quality Audio that can easily fill your room. Inside the Echo speaker, you have two 0.8inches tweeter for crisp, clear highs and a 3 inches woofer for deep lowers.

The Echo speaker also comes with Dolby for better audio processing, which improves the audio experience when compared to the 2nd gen Echo speaker. 

Amazon also improved the Echo Dot 3rd gen’s sound quality from its predecessor. The new Echo dot sounds really good. I was impressed with the sounds coming out from the Echo Dot. You can easily place it in a room or a small apartment, and it will easily do the job. 

One cool feature you get with both the Echo and Echo Dot, is the ability to connect to other speakers, either through Bluetooth or with the 3.5 mm headphone jack for a much better sound experience.

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Echo Vs Echo Dot: Alexa

Being an Amazon Echo device, both speakers come with the Alexa assistant. Which you can use to get the latest news, sports updates, wheater forecast, do simple maths, play trivia games, and give Commands. When it comes to Alexa features and functionalities, the Echo and Echo dot are equal. 

You have 360° omnidirectional mics in the Echo and Echo dot. While the Echo has seven array mics around the speaker, the Echo dot only has four. But both mics all performed well, picking up command, as well as producing crisp and clear sound during Alexa calls or Drop-in.

You can also use the Echo and Echo Dot to control other smart home devices that are compatible with Alexa, with names including brands like Phillips hue, August, Ring, Eufy, and so much more. 

Alexa also gives you the ability to create automation and routines with smart home gadgets around your house. For example, you can create a movie Routine that turns on the TV and dims the lights in the living room. And all you need to do is to attach your command with the magic word “ALEXA.”

Echo Vs Echo Dot: Price

Echo Vs Echo Dot

The cost of each speaker is also another critical factor to take into consideration when choosing between the Echo and Echo Dot. 

When it comes to pricing, the Echo Dot is the cheaper option between the two speakers. With a price tag of $50, it is almost half the cost of the Echo yet offers the same features and functionalities as the Echo, apart from the Bigger speakers. 

If you don’t mind spending a little bit more, you can go for the Echo Dot with clock at $60. Although the Echo currently retails for $100, the better audio quality it offers makes the Echo speaker worth the price. 


So now Amazon’s Echo or Echo dot which one should I get? Well, that decision ultimately depends on you. If you want a subtle speaker that you can use to control smart home devices and you don’t mind the lower audio quality, then get the Echo Dot. But if you want a smart speaker that you can use for music and podcast consumption, the Echo speaker is best suited for you. 

If you are a student looking to get your feet wet with Alexa, then starting with the Echo Dot doesn’t seem like a bad Idea, considering the price of the speaker. And thanks to the Bluetooth and 3.3 mm jack available, you can link the Echo with a more powerful speaker for better audio performance. Or better still install the Echo Dot in each room in your house and connect them all together. 

When it comes to accessing Alexa and its smart features, both devices are indifferent. For my take, I feel the Amazon Echo Is best suited for living rooms and kitchen where you have larger space and require a much better sounds quality.

Whereas the Echo Dot proved to fit better in Rooms and small apartments where space is limited. But as I have already mentioned, the decision boils down to your personal preference. I hope this post has helped you in deciding between the Echo and Echo Dot. Thank you.

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