August Smart Lock Pro Review. Easily Automate Your Deadbolt


The August brand has been known for creating a range of excellent smart home product, and the August Smart Lock Pro is no exception. This well designed smart lock comes with a ton of features under the hood.

With the ability to lock and unlock your door from anywhere in the world. You also get a user-friendly app that allows you to create access keys or revoke them, views your smart lock activity history, and so much more. 


The installation process for this device is relatively easy. With the basic DIY skill, you can install it at your door. The step by step video guide is available in the app. Big ups to August for that.

You will also need an existing deadbolt lock to install it. With this smart home lock, you don’t need to change the entire deadlock or the keys. because you are only changing the inner half of your deadbolt.

The August smart lock is only compatible with deadbolts that are separated from the doorknob. If you don’t have an existing deadbolt, you can punch out the wole yourself or get a professional to help you with that. 

To start the installation, you should use the included tape from the box to tape the outside part of the deadbolt to prevent it from falling during installation.

After taping, unscrew the inner half. Then attach the adapter plate (thanks to August, this lock comes with a sing universal adapter plate). 

When your adapter plate is fixed, pick up your smart lock and flip it over, then raise the two rubber arms at both sides of the lock. Position the lock with the adapter and snap the two rubber arms back in position to hold the smart lock firmly to the door. 

Now it’s time to power up the smart lock. The august Smart lock is battery powered. It works with AA batteries and is said to last for six months before needing to change it( when the batteries are running low you will get notified about that). To install the battery, You should pop-out the face-plate of the lock and install the battery.

After doing that, you are done with the hardware installation process. It’s now time to link it with the app. Go to the play store or app store to download the August app. After Installing, link the smart lock with your device and your home WiFi network. And you are done with the installation process. 


Analyzing the look of this device, I can say August did a pretty good job in this department. This August smart lock has a sleek and modern design. it comes in two color option which are nickel or black. 

The August Smart Lock has a round body profile. Resting against the door, the lock is quite bulky. While some people might like it, others may not. It has a dimension of 3.4 x 2.2 x 3.4 and a net weight of 13.9 kg.

the exterior part of the lock has a rotating piece around it, which you can use to unlock or lock the door by rotating it.

I got to say. In my own opinion, the lock looks good with a clean finish. Against your door, it should look pretty good.

App And Features: 

This smart lock app is a well-designed user-friendly app. The app is the same app you use to control other August products around your home.

If you own an August doorbell, you can link the device together. So that whenever anyone is at your door, you will get a notification, and you can then unlock the door for that person. 

On the main screen of the app, you will see a big round button that shows green when even your door is unlocked and changes to red when the door is locked. By clicking on the button, you can lock and unlock the smart lock. 

Another cool feature you get in the app is the ability to issue Access keys. Let’s say you are receiving a visitor. You can create an access key that opens the smart lock for your visitor. And you can always revoke access keys that you created.

With August, you also get to create unlimited number of keys, unlike other companies in this space, which gives it an extra edge above the competition.


Diving into the app setting, you will find some extra features you can enable to take your smart lock experience to another level.

Apart from the ability to change the device name, option to restore to factory settings and disabling locking and unlocking sounds. Some of these extra options help you to automate the lock and unlocking features as well as protecting your data. Let’s see them: 


Enabling the feature gives the smart lock the ability to lock the door anytime you are going out. After moving away for some yards, the August lock will lock the door, and when you get back home, it will detect your device and unlock the door for you.

Which makes accessing your home very seamless. But I would recommend you go to the settings and extend the auto-lock wait-time to about 3 mins before re-locking. 


With this option, you can set the smart lock to lock the door instantly when the door is closed or after a certain amount of time. If also you decided to unlock the smart lock and you didn’t open the door for some reason, the August smart lock will re-lock the door. For the features to work, you will need to make sure you have the DoorSense installed.

Door ajar Timing: 

Some times you may forget to fully close the door after you, when leaving and that when this features come pretty handy. If you have the DoorSense installed. You will get a notification if your door is left slightly opened after a certain amount of time.

Calibrate lock: 

If, for any reason, the August smart lock is not working correctly, you can go to the settings and re-calibrate the lock. The percentage of this event happening if very low, as I never encountered such errors.

Z-wave Settings:

this setting allows you to connect the August smart Lock to your Z-wave hub. The smart hub uses the Z-wave pro S2 protocol for operation. 

Adding New User

You also get the ability to add users to the August door lock. If you have a partner or a roommate, you can easily permit them to operate this device.

There’s are two types of users you can add. And there are : 

Owner: when you add a new user and give them the permission of an owner. The person is given full access to the app. The owner can lock and unlock the smart lock, can also create and revoke access keys, review the smart lock activities, and add a new user. 

Guest: while the guest permission limits the user to only lock and unlock the door. The guest can’t view the activities history or add users. You can also set a specific time when there can only operate the locks. You can use this for your housekeeper or babysitter. 



The connect WiFi bridge gives you the ability to control the August smart lock over WiFi. Since the device is a Z-wave device. Without the bridge, you won’t be able to control it from your phone or with voice assistants.

The bridge can be plugged into any power outlet in your home. If you decide to go for the August Smart Lock Pro, you will get the bridge included in the box. But if you get the August smart lock, then you will need to get the WiFi bridge to extend the functionality and features.


You can also get a smart keypad to link to your smart door lock. With this, you can create an access code that can be used to unlock the smart lock. You won’t need to connect the keypad to your phone or WiFi network. Because it connects directly to the smart lock via Bluetooth. Which makes things a lot easier.

Doorbell Cam Pro $199:

You can also get an August video Doorbell and install it next to your smart lock. You can link it up with the smart lock for a more seamless experience.

The doorbell comes with a motion detection sensor that detects when someone is at your door, it immediately sends you a notification and starts recording. Videos are then saved to the cloud and can be accessed within 24 hours, or you can extend the time by subscribing for a monthly plan for $4.99.

With the doorbell, you can see who is at your door, and if you wish can then unlock the door for the visitor. The videos from the doorbell are HD videos that are crisp and clear.

While two-way chat allows you to have a conversation with your visitors from anywhere. The doorbell is an excellent addition to your smart home security set up. 

August Smart Lock integration: 

The August smart lock comes with support for a range of third-party companies. With support for Apple Homekit, the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Nest, IFTTT, Logitech, Winx, Airbnb, and so on. The amount of partner it works with gives it an extra edge above the competition. 

Linking it with the Apple Homekit was a breeze. When connected with the Apple Homekit, you can tell Siri to either lock / unlock the door or check the status of the lock.

You can also create scenes with the Apple Homekit that groups some devices to create advanced automation.

You could create a scene that turns on your lights and plays your favorite songs whenever you unlock the door in the evening (when you are back from work). Or a scene that turns of the lights turns on the outdoor lights and locks the door after 12 am. 

For this type of integration and automation are more convenient with Siri than the other voice assistants. 

The smart lock also supports Amazon’s Alexa. With Alexa, you can lock and unlock the door, as well as check the status of the lock. The only issues with using Alexa with this door lock is that your command needs to be specific.

For instance, with Siri, you can say “Siri, Unlock the front door,” but with Alexa, your command needs to be directed to August. That is. ” Alexa, ask August to lock the front door.”

You can also set up an unlock pin with Alexa. Meaning that anytime you want to unlock the door with Alexa, you will need to provide the pin for it to work.

After three wrong tries, the pin will be revoked, and you will need to reset a new one before you can use this feature again, which is a handy security feature.

If you use the Google home assistant, then you are not left behind. But with the Google Assistant, you don’t get as many features as the other voice assistants, which can be a deal-breaker for those who are only into the Google assistant Ecosystem. 

With the Google Assistant, you can lock the door and check the status of the door lock. But you can’t unlock the smart lock with the Google Assistant. But I feel future updates will come with support for more features. 

If you have a smart home hub with Z-wave support, then you can link the August smart door lock to the hub, which lets you create all kinds of automation. Creating scenes with this system is way easier and advanced than with apple’s Homekit. 

You can also link the August smart lock with some other partners. You can connect it with Airbnb, which creates a virtual key for your guest and automatically revokes it after they checked out. 

Nest is another company you can link with the smart lock. Linking then up gives you the ability to view the temperature at your home with the nest thermostat or watch who is at your door with the Arlo video doorbell from the app. 


The August smart lock pro is a must buy if you want to improve your home security or you are looking to automate your door. The fact that a wide range of third-party partners supports it is a plus for the smart lock.

The installation process of the August smart lock pro was quite easy. All you need a few minutes to set it up. The app experience was also smooth. The app settings give you a lot of flexibility and options to play with. If you are in the market for a smart door lock, then I would recommend you get the August Smart Lock Pro. 

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