How to Enable Nest Visitor Announcements on Google Home
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How To Setup Visitor Announcement With Nest Doorbell And The Google Assistant

Do you know you can use your Google assistant to announce anytime someone rings your Nest Doorbell? Well, you absolutely can. You can even view who is at your door if you have a Google smart display. Not bad, right. 

Well, here is the full step by step process to link up your nest hello with your Google Home devices. 

Install Nest Hello App And Google Home App: 

To start the pairing process, you will need to make sure you have the necessary application. 

1: Download the latest version of the Nest Hello App from the App Store or Play Store.

2: Download the latest Google Home App from the App Store Or Play Store. 

How to set-up Nest Hello visitor announcements With Any Google Home Speaker: 

Before you can activate this feature, you need to make sure that the nest doorbell is linked in the Nest app. Also, make sure that your Google Speakers are connected to the Google Home app: 

To activate visitor Announcements: 

• Open the Nest App.

• Tap on the Nest hello video doorbell you wish to link

• Click on Settings -> and go to “Visitor Announcements.”

• You will be given some on-screen prompts on the Google Home app to Complete the activation. 

How Does It work?

How To Setup Visitor Announcement With Nest Doorbell And The Google Assistant

• When someone rings your Nest Hello video Doorbell, you will still receive notifications from the nest app to all mobile devices linked with the Doorbell. Your chime will even play it’s alert as usual. However, this time your Google Speakers or display will now announce that you have a visitor. 

• If you wish, you can Live stream your Doorbell with any Google smart display. 

• If you want to go a little bit deeper, you can enable Your Google Assistant to show you or say the name of the visitor at your door.

Obviously, the features will only be useful for friends, family, or neighbors. Let’s say, frequent visitors. To activate this feature, you will need to enable alerts on the Nest app and type in the name of those people you wish the Doorbell to identify.

So whenever the Nest doorbell is rung, by this set of people, your Google Assistant will show you or tell your there names.

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How to Disable Visitor Announcements For Some Room Speakers:

If you have multiple Google Speakers spread around your house and you don’t want to get notified from some specific speakers. Then you can disable them. 

To deactivate Visitor Announcements from a speaker: 

• You will need to login to the Google Home app

• Then located the speaker you wish to deactivate

• after discovering the device. Go into its settings

• Click on the more category and unselect notifications, and you are done. 

NOTE: turning off this notification will affect other notifications you will get from other services. So it’s up to you to decide if you need notifications on that specific Google speaker. 

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