Eufy Battery Doorbell Review. An awesome Battery doorbell with $0 Membership fee

Eufy Battery Video Doorbell











  • HD 2K VIdeo Quality
  • Battery Powered
  • No Subscription Plan
  • Local Storage


  • Lacks Alot Of Third-Party Compatibility
  • No Cloud Storage

After the release of the Eufy 2k video Doorbell and the Amount of success, it had in the market. Eufy decided to release a battery-powered Video doorbell.

Before the Eufy battery doorbell, our only option for battery-powered doorbell was the Ring Video doorbell 2. But the Eufy battery doorbell has something that the Ring doorbell 2 does not, which is local storage and a $0 membership fee.

The Eufy video doorbell comes with a lot of eye-catching features like the 2k HD video resolution, advanced motion detection with the ability to activate human detection, long-lasting battery, and a user-friendly app.

In this post, I will be reviewing every single section of this doorbell to see if the Eufy battery Video doorbell is Worth it.


The Eufy battery video Doorbell comes in a sleek and modern design. You get a black and gray color mixture, with a stylish rectangular form factor. This Eufy battery doorbell looked really good on my door.

Thanks to the battery option, you are not limited to where you can choose to install the doorbell.

At the front, you have a large camera section, which is visible from any angle. The camera placement and size should help discourage intruders from breaking in. You have the Eufy system branding in the middle, and At the bottom, you have a large doorbell button that lights up a ring when pushed.

Flipping over to the back, you have a USB port at the top, which is used for charging the device whenever the battery juice is low. just below that, you will find the two-wire terminal if you choose to hardwire the doorbell. At the bottom of the device is where the speaker grill is located.

The Eufy battery doorbell was made from high-quality materials that can withstand harsh weather. Water and temperature issues won’t be a problem for this doorbell as it is IP-65 waterproof.


The Eufy battery doorbell sports a camera sensor that is meant to provide HD 2K Quality images and videos. To be specific, the video resolution of this video doorbell is at 2750 X 1920.

When Testing it out in real-life scenarios, the videos streamed to my phone looked vivid and clear. Facial recognition was good and relatively easy, even from a far distance. The color reproduction of the sensor where quite alright, I really didn’t expect anything special in this department anyway.

Eufy also added the Advanced HDR and Distortion correction features. Which I appreciate. The HDR(High Dynamic Range) on this device is good but not the best. The background (things like the sky) were mostly over-saturated. Comparing the HDR from the Nest Video Doorbell and Eufy battery video doorbell, the Nest wins because it’s HDR videos are excellent, with every element being well balanced.

Another feature I love from this smart doorbell is the way it sends you notifications when someone rings your doorbell. Eufy takes a picture of the person, detects the face, and uses it as a thumbnail in your notification.

So whenever you get a notification, you already know who is at your door from the notification tab, unlike other doorbells where you need to open the app first to see who rang your doorbell. It also does the same things whenever the motion detection zone is triggered.

Overall the image quality of the doorbell sensor was bright, vivid, and sharp, and I bet you would love it.

You also get a base station in the box, which is meant to be the Eufy battery doorbell central hub. The base station design is also good looking. It has similarities with the Google Home speakers.

At the back of the base station, you get a power port for powering up the device, next to it is a USB port for charging your doorbell, unfortunately, you can’t use the USB port to transfer media, you have an ethernet cable, a reset button, and sync button.

The base station also has an inbuilt chime that works with the doorbell. So you can place it in the living room or the kitchen without it being so much of an eyesore.


Just like other smart Doorbells, the Eufy video doorbell also supports motion detection and Night Vision.

The motion detection of the Eufy doorbell works excellently. When the motion sensors get triggered, you will get a notification sent to your phone with a thumbnail of the person detected. Notification delivery is speedy.

I also love how fast the video Doorbell starts recording when the motion detection sensor is triggered.

Thanks to the AI technology, Eufy added to the doorbell you get the human detection feature in this doorbell with no extra fees.

Credit: Eufy

This feature helps to specify the type of notifications you want to get. When turned on, you will only get notified when a human is detected, and you won’t get notified when a cat, dog, or cars pass by. If you don’t want this feature, you can easily disable it from the doorbell’s settings.

The night vision on this device also works excellently. Images produced were clear and detailed. Faces were easily recognizable even at a far distance from the camera.

I also tested the night vision with lights and without lights. With lights, the video has clean vivid, surprising with no light, the difference was not much. You could still easily recognize faces. Big thumbs up to Eufy for that.


Credit: Eufy

In the box, you get a Eufy base station with an inbuilt storage of 16GB. Which will serve as the primary storage system for all your recorded videos. So you don’t need the internet to operate it, you will need the internet if you want to watch saved videos from anywhere in the world.

The doorbell uses military-grade AES-256 CHIP for encrypting and transmitting the video from the doorbell to the base station and your phone. All steps are fully encrypted and secure. This is a big selling Point after considering the recent news about the Ring doorbell security issues, with ring actually mandating its users to activate two-factor authentication.

The monthly subscription price of this device is $0. Yes, zero Dollars. Thanks to the local storage provided in the base hub, you don’t need to pay a membership fee to have access to your recorded videos.

This comes in useful when you are building your smart home. All the subscription fees from different products can add up to something big. So the Eufy doorbell is a minus from the monthly bills. The only thing you will be paying for is the price of the doorbell its self.


Credit: Amazon

Installing the Eufy battery doorbell, was relatively easy. With the right DIY skill, you should be done with the installation in 10 mins.

Thanks to the inbuilt battery on this device you can easily install it at any location in your home. So you don’t need to make new wirings for it. But if you have existing wiring, I would recommend you hardwire the doorbell.

Before powering up the doorbell, make sure you charge the doorbell fully with the USB charging port. Charging should take about 6-7 hours to charge fully.

When it’s full, the battery is meant to last for six months before needing to be recharged. If you have a high motions detection setting and a longer video length, then you could be looking at a 4-5 months battery life.

If you are installing the doorbell in a new location, you will need to drill the required holes with a drill bit. Then fasten the wall bracket to the wall and snap in your doorbell.

After placing your doorbell. Go to the App Store and Play Store to download the Eufy app. Sign up or sign in if you are an existing user. Then go to the add Device section and add the Eufy battery doorbell.

Scan the QR code generated from the app, or you could scan the one from the box. Then connect it to your home WiFi And give the device a name.

After that, connect it to your home chime. If you don’t have a chime, the base station has an inbuilt chime you can use, or you can also set Amazon Alexa to notify you whenever anyone is at the door.


The Eufy app is the centerpiece of this doorbell, and it where everything is controlled. When your doorbell is rung, or the motion detection sensor is triggered the app then sends you a notification with a thumbnail of the person who is at your door.

You can also watch all your stored videos from the app, As well as stream your doorbell live. You will need an internet connection to stream your doorbell, though.

The doorbell also supports 2-way talk, which allows you to have a conversation with anyone who is at your door in real-time. You can also record a message, and the message will be played to your visitor whenever the doorbell is rung.

Diving into the settings, you have a lot of options to choose from. Here you can set your motion detection zone, increase or reduce the length of the videos, change the re-trigger time for the motion sensor, activate to battery saving mode, or add new users to the account.


Credit: Amazon

If you wish to link the Eufy video doorbell with your voice assistant or smart hub, you can do just that. The doorbell works with Amazon’s Alexa and the Google assistant.

If you have a smart display from Amazon or Google, you can use it to receive calls or stream your doorbell, although load time is really slow, it can take up to 20 secs to switch to live stream.

Another drawback of this doorbell is that it does not work with Samsung’s SmartThings, IFTTT and the Apple Homekit. Which I think will be a deal-breaker if your smart home ecosystem is controlled by any of the two. But hopefully future updates fixes this issue.


After reviewing the Eufy battery doorbell, I can say that it is the best battery powered doorbell in the market right now, with the Ring doorbell 2 in second place. The fact that it offers HD 2K videos, a smart motion detection system, local storage, and a $0 membership fee makes the Eufy battery video doorbell is a must buy.

Although there are somethings, I don’t like about this doorbell, like the incompatibility with third-party partners. Unfortunately, it’s not compatible with SmartThings and The Apple Homekit.

I also wish the aspect ratio of the video would have been 1:1 for fully wide coverage. Instead, we get a 4:3 aspect ratio. Which is not that bad, but it would have been better if it was a 1:1 aspect ratio.

But apart from those two issues that Eufy battery video doorbell is a doorbell, I will definitely be using in places where I don’t want to create new wiring. And at a price tag of $200 the Eufy Battery doorbell is worth buying.

Resources: Amazon, Eufy

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