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9 Simple Ways To Fix Amazon Echo Mic Problems

Owning smart speakers makes our daily tasks run much smoother. However they are not without their problems. The Amazon echo speaker is one of the smartest speakers out there and users often run into some problems during their lifetime.

If you are among those who own an Amazon Echo speaker, you expect it to run smoothly and execute every command you send to it without any glitch. This, however, often isn’t the case. Sometimes, the Alexa voice assistant, might pickup your voice and perform an action you didn’t ask it to, or it might say,”I’m sorry I didn’t quite get that”. This might be due to your microphone malfunction, which the makes it hard for Alexa to pick up commands.

To the end user who purchased these speakers and expect a quality service from it, these issues can be nothing but frustrating. However, rather than experiencing buyer’s remorse, we have listed below 6 simple solution that would sure assist you fix your Amazon Echo mic issues, so that you can get it the Echo speaker to start working cordially again.

1. Reset or Reboot you Echo.

Sometimes, the simple action of rebooting your speaker can fix your Echo Microphone problem. For this try unplugging your echo smart device from the wall socket.

And if rebooting it doesn’t work, try resetting it. You can reset you Amazon Echo Smart speak by holding the action button for 25 seconds. This will, however, return it back to factory setting, so you will need to set it up again using the Amazon Alexa app on your phone. You can as well reset it on your device by opening the Amazon Alexa app on your device > go to setting > select your Echo > and scroll down and select Reset to Factory defaults button.

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2. Disable the Mic temporarily

When the Amazon Echo smart speakers encounters an audio/mic problem, you can also try to clear this problem by turning off the microphone for some minute. To disable the mic of the Echo, Echo plus, Echo Dot, or Echo Show, push the mic on/off button on the top of the device. As soon as the on/off button turns red, which means the microphone is off, and cant listen to your commands. After some seconds turn it back on and check if your mic is now working.

3. Trying moving your Echo.

Amazon Echo Smart Speaker- Gadgetside best smart Speakers 2020

This might seem pretty obvious, the reason why your Amazon smart speaker find it hard to hear your commands, may be because of the location you placed it in your home. however you should try to move your Amazon Echo speaker to a different spot within your house.

Try moving it away from electronics like TV, sound system (that is if you are someone who like ustem at the highest volumes), others include A/C units, an open window, or anything that emit’s enough ambient noise so it makes it diffcult for Alexa to pick up your voice. Amazon suggests moving it to the middle of the room and have found that to be the best position for all smart speakers.

4. Try Teaching Alexa to hear you better

Actually, there is a way that you can teach your Alexa-compatible device to better understand you. To do this, open your Amazon Alexa app on your mobile device > then tap on the menu button > tap on settings.

There you will find an option called voice training under Alexa devices . Tap it, and then you will be walked through a tutorial in which you need to read 25 phrases aloud. This will help your Echo to better understand your specific voice.

From the drop down menu under voice training, make sure you select the appropirate Alexa compatible device. It iss also good to note, being in the same room and close with the speaker is imperative in order for it to work.

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5. Check if your Echo is Trying to update

All the Alexa-compatible devices often auto-receive software updates over Wi-fi. These new updates often improve the performance of your Echo devices and add new features to them. Although, if something is amiss with you device, it might not be updating properly, and this, perhaps might be causing problems to your mic.

Always check Amazon page to see if a new update has been added to your Echo and try confirming if your device has received it by checking your Alexa app on your mobile phone or tablet.

6. Reboot your router

Amazon Echo Dot Smart Speaker- Gadgetside best smart Speakers 2020

Alexa is a virtual assistant hosted on the cloud, and it is important to remember that your Amazon Alexa will not be able to work without a strong internet connection. If you are experiencing intermittent connectivity or problem with your Wi-Fi connectivity on your Amazon Echo, this may lead to your commands not being sent to the database. And a quick fix for this is to reboot your router, while at it you could as well reboot your Amazon Echo smart speaker.

7. Disassemble your Amazon Echo

Although this particular tip is for the pros who are handy with a screw driver and know the ins as well as the outs of audio gadgetry. Try to disassemble or tear apart your Amazon Echo to see what could be wrong with it; make sure the wires are where there should be. Often times, it might just be that a wire must have slipped off or is not in the right place where it ought to be. Although when you tear apart your echo and then try to return the echo, You then void your Echo Warranty license.

8. Return your faulty Echo

Echo Show With Alexa announcement,Calling

If you have tried all the tips above and none of them works for you, you should return the faulty echo device and get a new one. it is possible for you to return as many faulty device as possible, which you purchase from Amazon — so long as you did not tamper with them. You should consider this before disassembling your Echo Speaker.

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9. Use a Third Party

If you are unable to return your faulty echo for repairs or a new one due to one reason or the other, you can try using a third-party app such as Ubi, to control the Echo through your phone’s mic, thus putting an end to the need to use the Echo’s mic. While not the most continent way to operate your smart speaker, it can serve as a fix for the main time. Download the Ubi app from your respective app stores, then try to connect it to your Amazon Echo, and you are probably good to use your Echo again without any mic problem.

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