Flic 2 Review. Control You Home With This Cool Smart Button.

Flic 2 And Flic Hub LR











  • Longer Bluetooth Range
  • Excellent performance
  • Great app
  • Third-party compatibility
  • Backward compatibility


  • A little over priced
  • HomeKit support not yet Available

What do you do when you are tired of using your voice or your phone to activate smart home automation? Well you get a smart button. With tons of smart button options available in the market, it can be hard to choose. But today we will be looking at the new Flic 2 button from Shortcut Lab.

The Flic 2 is the successor to the original Flic button, which made a lot of ground in indigogo. The Flic two was also available for preorder at indigogo initially, and it is now available for shipping worldwide.

This new version comes with some new features that I appreciate, which include a more extended Bluetooth range, a longer-lasting battery, a nice looking and lightweight design, and so much more. In this post, we will be taking a more in-depth look into this device, so let’s start. 


Flic 2 smart button and LR Hub

Well, let’s start with the design first. This new Flic 2 button has a unique, refreshing design. The button size is now a bit bigger than the original flic, which is because of the bigger battery in the flic two.

The device has a more secure and robust feel. Looking at the device, you will notice an inner curve at the button part, which makes the Flic 2 even more appealing. 

If you intend to place the Flic 2 button at the wall or on your desk you can, by using the included tape at the back of the Flic 2, the tape on this button is somehow strange because it does not behave like a regular adhesive.

But when stuck to a hard flat surface, the grip on the wall is tough to remove. You can also add a metal clip to the button if you wish to carry it along with you either in your belt or your key holder. 

Flic 2 Hub LR

With the new Flic 2 you can also decide to get the new Flic Hub LR to use as the dedicated hub for your Flic button (we will be talking about the features later on). The hub its self is quite compact and small, like seriously you can easily hide this hub behind your Blu-ray disk or speakers. Or anywhere you feel like.


The installation and set up process of this device was effortless and straightforward. Although when setting up, you have two options to go with, You can either use your phone as the hub for your Flic button or get the dedicated hub. 

If you decide to use your mobile device as the central hub, then get prepared for a shorter battery time as the app will need to be always running to be able to use the Flic button.

I also noticed that on the phone some actions were a tide bit delayed, maybe because of network issues and so on. This setup is only ideal if you leave in a small apartment with only a few automation, and you don’t want to spend the extra money on the dedicated hub. 

How to pair with your phone: 

Pairing Flic 2 with your phone is straightforward. Just go to the Google play store or the Apple store and download the app. Open the app and long-press the button until. It will then start searching for devices and connect to your phone. Then go ahead and give it your desired name and set the actions you want each button to perform, and you are done. 

Now, if you leave in a home and you intend on having more than one Flic button, then I will highly advise that you get the Flic Hub LR. The hub serves as the central station where all your Flic buttons will communicate to, and it helps ease and hasten the execution of actions. This comes in useful if you and your partner all have a Flic button. It helps to organize the operations in your home a lot. 

To set it up, all you need to do plug in the hub and connect it with your home WiFi, then sync it with your button, and you are set. If you prefer to connect the hub with an ethernet cable, you can do that by plugging in your cable. It’s not the best if you are looking to minimize the number of wires around your home. Read a post about how to go wireless in your smart home

Thanks to shortcut Lab, the company behind the Flic product. There made the Flic 2 and the Flic Hub LR backward compatible. This means that if you own the original Flic button, you can get the new Flic Hub to unlock a lot more features. Same thing as if you already own the previous hub, and you just want the new button. You can use the new button with the old hub. You will only be sacrificing some new features the new hub brings. 


Flic 2 smart button and LR Hub

With the Flic 2, you get a three-button configuration. Which are: a single press, double-press, and press and hold button. I wish there had added some more buttons like triple tap and double-tap and hold, but still no complaints.

If you are using the Flic 2 for things like lights and Chain Automation, you can use the same button to toggle from off/on. For example, if you set your single press to turn on the lights. You can perform the single tap again to turn the lights off. With this, you can technically push your buttons configuration to six. 

You can set up your button configurations from the app. And I have to say the app is genuinely packed with features and options to play with. You get things from light control to chain action (will talk about that soon) and even funny enough fart generator and fake call settings.

You can also use the Flic 2 to find your phone by pressing it and an alarm will ring out to help you locate your phone.

Another feature I like about the Flic app is the chain action section. With this feature, you can create a scene or automation that operates multiple devices with a single button or executes various actions at once.

You can set up a button to activate your morning scene, which turns on your lights, TV, speakers, and coffee maker. And I really like this feature since it is inbuilt in the app and you don’t need a third-party partner for this. 

Speaking of third-party partners, Flic 2 is has a vast list of compatible partners you can link it with the app. Which includes names like Lifx, IFTTT, Sonos, Logitech harmony, and so much more. And with the support for IFTTT, you can set up complex scenes and automation with the Flic button. 


What Can The Flic 2 Button Do:

the Flic 2 button is a device that gives you the ability to execute actions and automation by clicking it. you can use this button to substitute your voice assistant or some smart device App on yout phone

What Protocol Deos Flic 2 Use:

The Flic 2 Works over bluetooth and thanks to the latest hub, which comes with bluetooth 5, you get a longer bluetooth range.


With a price tag of $35 for the single Flic 2 button and $155 for a 3 Flic 2 button, a Flic Hub LR, and a power cord. I kind of feel like the device is a bit overpriced.

But I like the device for its ability to perform some actions without wiping out my phone, unlocking it, and then opening an app to control things like lights is a big time saver. Coupled with the fact that the Flic 2 battery can last up to 3 years makes it stand out from the competition.

The app itself is something I really love. Because of the number of features and flexibility you are given. And the fact that supports a ton of third-party partners means that you are never left in the dark with this device. Although the three-button setup is cool, I would have really loved it if the Flic team had given us more button setup.

But in general, I do like the Flic 2 Device, and if you have some smart home automation, the comfort of not using your voice or opening an app to communicate with smart home gadget makes the Flic 2 button something you should consider getting for your home.

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