How To Change your router wifi password and Username
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How To Change Your Router Wifi Password And Username

When most of us get a new router, we usually don’t bother changing the Mesh or Router password, leaving it as it’s default settings. But this can lead to some serious issue because your neighbors can easily guess your default Router password, which not only increases your monthly data bill but also consume your bandwidth, which in turn reduces the Signal speed going to your smart home devices, like smart speaker, doorbell, smart lock and so on.

Weak WiFI password can open doors for hackers to access and collect your private browsing information or even more. So in this day and age, having a unique and robust WiFi password is necessary for keeping your information safe and protecting your monthly data bandwidth from WiFi thieves.

In this post I will be guiding on how to go about changing your WiFi password and username, we will also be looking at how to change The WiFi Password on some popular WiFi routers and WiFi Mesh networks.

How to change your WiFi username and password: 

It’s worth noting that different routers all have different user interfaces and processes to change the WiFi password. However, after reviewing different routers and WiFi meshes, we found that the process of changing your password and username is relatively similar to all routers and WiFi Meshes. And so we divide the process into three major parts which are: 

  • Find your network IP or router address
  • Log in to your router web panel
  • Change your username and password.

How to find your network IP or router address: 

How To Change your router wifi password and Username

Before accessing your Router’s web interface to change the WiFi details, you will need to locate or find its network address or router address. This usually comes in the form of an IP address or a URL link, which you type on your browser search bar to access the Router’s web interface.

On some Routers, you can easily find the Router URL or IP address at the top or bottom label of your Router or WIFI mesh. Still, if you were unable to find Your Router address on your Router, you can try some of these standard router IP address or Locate your Routers IP address manually.

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How To locate your IP address on Mac Os : 

For Mac or apple uses, the process is a little more streamlined than compared with Windows.

  • Click the Apple icon at the top.
  • Go to system preferences.
  • Now click on the network icon.
  • Then, tap on advanced button.
  • You will find Your IP address besides Router.

How To Locate Your IP Address On Windows: 

  • Type CMD on the search bar and hit enter.
  • Which will launch the Command prompt window. Now type ipconfig and tap enter.
  • A list of different IP address will be displayed to you, but the IP address under the Default Gateway Address should be your router IP address.  
  • Then, Copy and paste that address in your browser to access your routers web page.
How To Change your router wifi password and Username

How to change your router username and password: 

Now that we have successfully located your Routers IP address open your default browser and type the IP address into the search bar and hit enter. You will then be taken to your routers login page. Log in with your Router’s default username and password, which you can find on the label around the body of your Router, or if you had previously changed it type in your password and username.

To change your WiFi Password: 

Once you are at the home page or the dashboard of your Router, the last and final process is to change the password or username of your WiFi network. It’s worth saying that all routers interfaces are not the same, but all share some typical steps in changing your password: 

  • On the dashboard, look for the Wireless, or setup settings and click on it. 
  • Then locate and click on the Change WiFi credentials settings. 
  • Type in your new password into the required field and click submit.
  • Now you have successfully changed your password.

How To Change The WiFi Password On Some Popular Routers and WiFi Meshes: 

Netgear Routers: 

to change the WiFi password on your Netgear router follow the steps below: 

  • Type or paste into your browser search bar and hit enter. 
  • Log in with your router username and password. Default details are: Username (admin), password (password)
  • On the dashboard, delete wireless.
  • Now enter your new username or password in their respective fields.
  • Click apply, and you have successfully changed the password.

Asus Router: 

To change the WiFi password of your Asus Router, follow the process below: 

How To Change your router wifi password and Username
  • On your browser’s search bar type, and tap enter. 
  • Enter your Router’s login details on the login page. Details username and password for Asus Routers is (admin).
  • Once logged into the Asus Router interface, locate wireless under the Administrative settings.
  • Then select the SSID option and input your new password and username and click save. 

Linksys Router: 

Follow the steps mentioned below to change your Linksys router WiFi password: 

How To Change your router wifi password and Username
  • Input in your browser address bar and tap Enter. 
  • On the login page, fill in your Routers login details. The default username and password is (admin).
  • On the homepage, click on wireless. 
  • Then click on the Wireless sub-tab.
  • Input your new password in the field provided and click save. 

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Google Nest WiFi Router/Mesh:

To change the WiFi password of your Google Nest WiFi Mesh, then follow the step below:

  • Download the Google Home App from your respective app store.
  • Open the Google Home app
  • Tap WiFi and then show password
  • Tap the Edit button and type your new password. 
  • Now Save.

Orbi WiFi Mesh: 

To change your WiFi password, follow the steps below: 

  • Download the Orbi app from your respective app store and open the app. 
  • Sign-in to the app with your Orbi details. 
  • On the dashboard, tap WiFi settings. 
  • Input your new WiFi password in the Network Key field.
  • And tap save

Tp-Link Deco router/WiFi Mesh: 

To change your Tp-Link Deco WiFi password, follow the steps below. 

  • Download and launch the Deco app From your respective app stores. 
  • Sign-in with your TP-Link ID. 
  • On the home page, tap on the More option. 
  • Tap on WIFI.
  • You can choose between Main Network, Guest Network, or shake to share on the WIFI settings page. But we will be using the Main network for this post.
  • Then, tap on SSID.
  • Input your new WiFi password in the provided field
  • Tap Save, and you have successfully change the password.

Extra Resources: thedroidguy, TP-Link

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