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Prevent Google, Amazon And Microsoft from Recording Your Voice Assistant

With the ever-increasing concern over online security and privacy and the ocean of IoT(Internet of Things) devices being released every day.

It’s only natural for anyone to monitor and secure where pieces of your information are being sent.

With companies like Google, Apple, Amazon, and Microsoft hiring special employees to listen to the conversation and commands you give to your voice assistants like Google Assistant, Siri, Cortana, and Alexa.

Which is a disturbing fact to a lot of people. With many searching for how to disable sending their conversations to companies.

In this post I will be guiding you on how to disable this features on The Google assistant, Cortana and Alexa

Why are Companies Listening to my Recording? 

The main reason why there listen to your conversation is harmless. The information is used to improve, Debug and enhance the Capabilities of the Assistant. Big Companies employees People or contractors to review or listen to the conversations you have with your voice assistants.

While most conversations and commands are never listened to, the employees or contractors will listen to the command you gave and observe how the assistant responded.

On occasions where the assistant was unable to carry out a command, the contractor or employee will take note and probably send the information over to the developers. Who uses this information to debug and improve the assistants.

The information being sent to the employees and contractors are anonymous. Which means that the employees can’t know your name or personal data. 

Tech companies are allowed to listen and record all the commands and conversations you have with your assistant when you press the “I agree” button on the User Agreement when signing up. Most people don’t even bother to read this document.

Considering the fact that your voice assistant can accidentally activate in the middle of a conversation, which could lead to potentially personal or sensitive information being recorded. 

How To Stop Google From Storing Your Recordings: 

The Google assistant collects and records the conversation it receives. Although these recordings are not being listened to right now. There might still be reviewed later in the future.

With Google, you can manage your voice activity. You can stop Google from collecting your commands or delete already recorded voice commands.

To stop recording commands: 

• Go to the Activity Controls page of your Google Account. 

• Then go to voice and Audio Activity

• Turn off the toggle, and collection will stop until you re-enable it.

How To Delete already recorded command: 

• While still on the Voice and Audio Activity page.

• Click on Manage Activity

• You should see all your recorded conversations/Commands here. 

• Click on the delete button to delete all Recordings.

How To Stop Microsoft From Listening to Cortana Recordings? 

if you wish to Stop Microsoft from Recording Your Cortana Voice Commands, Here is how to go about that:

• On your PC Go to Settings > Privacy > Speech.

• On this page, disable the “Online Speech Recognition” Option. 

• And you are done.

After disabling the options, Microsoft will no longer record your conversations with Cortana. 

Disabling this option is not applicable to your Skype conversations, Microsoft will still be able to record Skype conversations. With tons of other video or voice call option, you can choose to switch from Skype if you wish.

How To Stop Amazon From Listening To What you Say? 

Initially, this option was not available, but as at August 2, 2019. You are given the option to opt out from the Alexa Human review Program. To deactivate this option: 

• Open the Alexa App or Visit the Alexa Website

• Click on Settings > Alexa Privacy 

• Then click the Manage How Your Data improves Alexa and toggle off the Help Improve Amazon Services and Develop New Features.

• After this Alexa will no longer record your commands

While the page reads that the information collected is used to improve and develop new features. And Only a small amount of recordings are manually listened to by the contractors. If you feel the commands you give your assistant are not sensitive, you can always come back and re-enable the option. 

How To Stop Spying Softwares: 

Apart from tech companies that are trying to collect our information. Some individuals or hackers are always trying to record and listen to sensitive information.

Most of this malwares may have been downloaded from the web or installed anonymously from public WIFI.

To prevent third party software from collecting your data, you should install a secure and reliable anti-malware software on your computer or phone.

A program like Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Will occasionally scan your pc for any possible threat and remove them.

Another tip is When downloading files from the internet, try to download from credible websites or files that had been virus scanned. And you should be safe.

So tell me what do you think about companies recording your commands and conversation in the comment section below.

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