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List Of Best Magnetic Chargers for 2020

No dought our smartphone is one of our closest gadgets and is part of our lives. But over time, some accessories start to degrade and eventually fails on us.

One of the worst feelings in life is plugging your phone overnight and waking up to 5%, heartbreaking? , right??. If you are like me and you are tired of your USB cable breaking or constantly wiggling out of contact with your phone.

Then you should consider getting a magnetic charging cable, which is much more secure, durable, and more comfortable to use than the typical USB chargers.

With a lot of options in the market, you could easily buy a cheap or low-quality magnetic cable, and you might end up hating.

But we have compiled a great list of the best magnetic chargers available in the market. With a little explanation of what a magnetic charging cable is and what you should look out for when buying a new cable.

Smart And Cool Gen 4 (our Pick):

Smart And Cool Gen 4 picture
Credit : Amazon

The smart and cool gen4 magnetic chargers are currently one of the best chargers available in the market right now.

It has a good looking and appealing design to it, with a patented USB connector. This charger is priced just below the $10 mark, and well, it’s worth the bucks.

The gen 4 fixes the issue of slow charging, which was a big issue for Gen 3 as it charged most phones slowing and failed to charge some phone entirely.

The gen 4 comes with a super-strong magnet that should hold position quite well, but good enough to detach on scenarios, when you accidentally pull the cord, without smashing your phone on the floor.

Gen 4 can be used on all micro USB devices like (android, PC, consoles), etc. And should charge fast across all platforms.

Smart And Cool Gen 4
Credit: Amazon

It has an led indicator that shows your mobile device is charging as well as the battery tracker that shows you the charging progress, which is an excellent feature I appreciate.

The magnetic cable comes in a pack of 3 wires, 3 micro USB tips, 3 i-product tips, and 3 removal tools, all this under the $10 price range, that cool.

It also has a 180 days warranty, and you have access to very good customer service in case you have any issues with your magnetic charger.

I can see this charger helping impaired people to quickly charge there mobile devices, people who are usually on the road driving, and in general, anyone who just wants a more comfortable and pleasurable charging experience. Get aligned, snap, and charge.

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In terms of length, this cable is a 5 ft long cable, which I appreciate with a maximum charging current of 3A.

For my final taught, I feel this charger is among the best in the market and comes in a three pcs pack for connection over multiple devices and works quite well on all devices tested on. You can grab this charger from Amazon for $9.3

NETDOT 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic charging cable:

NETDOT 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic charging cable
Credit: Amazon

The Netdot 3rd gen charger is another Great magnetic charger that is hot in the market. Entering the market with a price tag of $11.9.

It is slightly higher than the smart and cool Gen 4 charger, but the price I can say is worth it for the functionality it provides.

The Netdot 3rd gen charger was made to be compatible with all Android phones and Apple devices currently in the market, and The charger is quite fast at charging up mobile devices, with the support of USB2.0 aimed at high-speed data transfers.

The design of the Netdot is quite classy, and it has a solid casing made of bulletproof Amarid construction, which makes it 5 times stronger than regular chargers.

NETDOT 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic charging cable
Credit: amazon

The charger comes in a three piece set, with the cables being a 3.3 feet long cable, which, to be honest, I think might be among one of the cons of this charger. But I think it’s still long enough for regular use.

It also comes with a 1-year warranty with support for refunds and replacements within one year, not bad at all, don’t you think.

It has an in-built charging led indicator to show you it’s charging progress. It can also handle high-speed data transfer.

NETDOT 3rd Generation USB2.0 Magnetic charging cable
Credit: amazon

The Netdot magnetic charger is a perfect charging gadget to have in 2020. with great features like fast charging, durable and robust casing, high data transfer, and synchronization as well an led indicator.

The only Con I can mention about this magnetic gadget is that it is not compatible with Samsung galaxy s7 and s7 edge. But apart from that is a great gadget to have. You can get this product from Amazon for $11.5

Wsken Mini 2 micro USB:

Wsken Mini 2 micro USB
Credit: Amazon

If you’re in the market for a good and durable magnetic charger, then I would suggest you take a look at the Wsken Mini 2 magnetic chargers, because it has a lot of cool features you may come to like.

The Wsken comes with a pretty strong magnet that offers a secure connection with the USB plug. It is fully compatible with Apple products, most android phones, and some other devices.

The Wsken mini 2 supports fast charging and USB 2.0 for high-speed data transfer and synchronization.

The Wsken has a stylish metallic design, which I think a lot of you guys will like. It has a strong and secure case, which is tougher than regular chargers we all know.

Wsken Mini 2 micro USB
Credit: amazon

The Wsken magnetic charger is more targeted to frequent drivers who can use a single hand to connect and disconnect his or her mobile devices without looking at your charger.

The Wsken is a 3A charger, with an led indicator built-in to show when you are connected.it also comes with a full year warranty.

The Con of this charger is that over time, charging speed decreases. Apart from that, Wsken is an excellent choice for anyone. You can also get the Wsken charger on Amazon for $13.9

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Credit: Amazon

The SoJITEK magnetic charger is a product aimed at delivering to its users the most qualitative chargers.

The magnetic charger comes into the market at a price point of $11.99 just slightly higher than than the $10 mark, but the functionality offered by the charger is worth it.

The Sokitek charger is compatible with most android devices, with only a few out of the list. It is compatible with Apple devices. It also works with a type-C charger port and some other mobile devices.

The magnetic charger possessed a strong magnet, which translates to a very secure and reliable connection with the charging port. The magnet can support up to 1 pound of weight tension.

It supports fast charging, which should charge most Apple and Android mobile devices in a shorter period.

It, unfortunately, does not support USB 2.0 For data transfer, which could be a deal-breaker for a lot of People who usually transfer files or back up to the computer or hard disk.

Credit: Amazon

The Sojitek does not come with apple and Android tip connectors. You will have to get those add-ons your self, that is another Con of the system, while other chargers come with those add-ons from the pack.

Overall the Sokitek magnetic phone charger is an excellent product that provides to its users a very flexible and durable charge, with good fast charging ability.

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The charger is 5 ft in length, which is relatively longer than usual chargers. The product might have some lapses, but in total, the Sokitek magnetic charger is one of the best options to get. It is priced at $11.99 in Amazon.


Credit: Amazon

The MAGNITTO charger brand is known for its high-quality chargers, made with high-quality materials to produce a Good charger.

This magnetic charger has an appealing look to it. It was designed with a tinned copper conductor, aluminum and with a heavy-duty bread for a very durable and flexible cable.

The magnet on the cable is strong and should make charging your mobile device a breeze. It should snap right it once in range and alignment.
The Magnitto magnetic charger supports fast charging.

It charges with a 2.4A current. It also supports USB 2.0 for high-speed data transfer and synchronization. The cable should be able to carry out whatever job you throw at it at a reasonable speed.

Credit: Amazon

The cable comes with an led indicator to show you if your mobile device is charging or not. It should be handy for drivers because it’s less distracting than the typical charging experience.

Some of the other things I like about the charger is that it is easy to detach from charge, it is affordable and overall a solid magnetic cable.

The Con of this charger is the poor design, and it can be slow at charging a few devices.

But If you are in the market for a fast and durable magnetic charger, with support for high-speed data transfer, then you should consider buying the Magnitto magnetic charging cable. You can get it from Amazon for $25.99

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What Is A Magnetic Charger / Magnetic Charging Cable?

A magnetic charging cable is a cable that magnetically connects to the adaptor or Dongle plugged to your phone to charge.

It works by converting the electrical current coming from the socket into a magnetic field, which gets turned back into electrical current, due to the coil located inside the charger.

Most magnetic chargers have magnetic on both tips. When you bring the tips together, the magnet aligns and connects, which then allows the flow of electricity and charges your mobile device.

Are Magnetic Chargers Wireless Chargers?

Most people think that magnetic chargers are wireless chargers. But in theory, they are not. Magnetic chargers are almost the same thing as your regular chargers, with the same port and method of transmitting energy.

With magnetic chargers, the cable is divided into two parts. The adaptor/dongle that connects to your phone and the cable.

The cable is where the tiny motherboard is located. It has a magnetic end with a pin or some pins. The adaptor on plugged in your phone also has a pin and a metal rounding. When they are brought together, the magnet aligns the pins together, allowing the flow of energy to your device.

The obvious advantage of this method of charging is the simplicity and comfort.

So I believe you now know that magnetic chargers are not wireless chargers. There are more like our regular chargers but with new magnetic tech in it.


Magnetic chargers are here to stay. Companies are working hard to improve the strength and charging speed of these chargers.

Our pick is the Smart and Cool Gen 4 because of its versatility and usage. The charger supports fast charging and high-speed data transfers. Reliable build quality and a reasonable price are some of the reasons why we picked it as #1. You can get it at Amazon for

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