Nest Hello Video Doorbell In-depth Review 2020. Is It The Best Doorbell.


Nest Hello Video Doorbell



The nest hello video Doorbell is Google own shot at the video Doorbell market. With features including HD video recording, advanced motion detection, user-friendly app and a Sleek design, the nest hello is a doorbell you should consider adding to your shopping list.

The Google acquired company also made sure that intergeration with the Google home devices was seamless. Since the nest hello Doorbell is not Battery-powered like the Ring 2 or Eufy doorbell. Your installation location is limited to where you have your existing doorbell wiring.

Let’s now take a deeper look into the nest hello video doorbell.


Now for the installation, if you already have existing doorbell wiring and a chime installed, the installation process should be easy and straightforward for you.

But if you don’t have existing doorbell wiring. You will have to create new wiring for the doorbell since the nest is not a battery-powered doorbell. If you are sure of your wiring skill, you can take the job on or call a professional electrician to help you to create the wire and install the doorbell.

So now, let’s say you will be installing the doorbell your self. Nest did a pretty good job in guiding you through the process with a step by step video tutorial.

But since you are already here let’s just run through the installation process. You will first need to fasten the metal wall mount included the box, by drilling the required holes and screwing it into place. Then connect the two-wire, to the terminals at the back of the nest doorbell and snap it into the wall-mounted.

Now download the nest app from the Google play store or app store and Sign-in/register. After that, add your nest video Doorbell to your list of devices and connect it to your home wire and you are good to go.


Nest Video Doorbell

The design of the Google nest hello doorbell is beautiful and sleek. The nest share almost the same design with the Arlo Video Doorbell. There both share the same button placement, white casing around and even the brand name position.

When your pop out the camera from the box you will notice the round form factor of the doorbell, and it’s a beautiful design. Looking at the Device, you have a large doorbell button at the button with a Light ring which lights up when pressed or motion is detected. Above that, you will see the brand name, and at the top, you have the camera sensor with an LED indicator above it.

The nest hello has a white rubber casing that goes around the doorbell, the white splash of colour to this doorbell adds some aesthetic value to the device.

At the back of the nest video Doorbell, you will find the two-wire terminal where you will be connecting the doorbell. And since it is not battery powered, you will be using them. The nest hello is also IP65 waterproof, meaning that it was withstand harsh weather conditions or water spills.

Video Quality:

For the video department, the camera sensor on the nest video Doorbell produces clear and crisp Hd video quality. With the max resolution set at 1600 X 1200 pixels.

On testing the images were clear and well detailed, faces and objects were recognisable and color reproduction was well-balanced. Even if the camera receives direct sunlight, the video output is still excellent thanks to the HDR feature of the camera.

This doorbell comes with an aspect ratio of 4:3 and a 160° diagonal field of view, while not the widest aspect ratio in the market, it still covers a large area.

Nest also gives you the ability to step down the video quality to help reduce the doorbell data consumption. If you are on a capped data plan, you will appreciate this feature. When set at the highest video quality, the nest data consumption could be upto 4-5mbps.

You have three video quality options you can choose from which are the medium video quality with a resolution of 1152 X 869 pixels and low video quality with a resolution of 512 x 395 pixels.

Obviously, You will be sacrificing some image details when you lower video quality, but on all Settings, faces and objects were still easy to recognise.

The nest video Doorbell can also has a night vision mode. The video quality from the night vision is clear and crisp, details are still retained, and facial recognition was still excellent.

Motion Detection:

The motion detection on the nest hello doorbell works well. Setting your motion zone is done from the app. you get the ability to set the region in a 3d area.

When someone triggers the sensor, the nest app will send a notification to your phone, with a thumbnail of the person who triggered it. You can then decide to either play some pre-recorded message or speak to them through the inbuilt speaker in the nest Doorbell.

One thing I noticed with the motion sensor was that it can be really sensitive. Because Someone’s shadow once triggered the motion sensor. But you can always reduce the zone distance and sensitive.

If you decide subscription for the nest aware membership plan, you get person detection, which uses AI to detect people and reduce the number of false-positive notification you get. You can always turn this feature off if you also want to get notified when a cat or dogs moves around your house.


The nest app is the central hub for all your nest product from the nest thermostat down to your nest hello Doorbell. The app is where you get all your notification and alerts from, and where you access recorded videos. I personally like the app because of how user-friendly and seamless it was.

Another cool feature I like about the nest app was the way it sent out the notifications. When the motion sensors get triggered, it records a short video, which it attaches to the notification as a Gif so you can see the whole event right from your notification drawer.

When someone rings your nest Doorbell, you get a call on your phone and you can either decide to accept the call(which streams the doorbell to your phone), ignore it or play any of the 3 pre-recorded messages to your visitors. On 2-way chat, the inbuilt speaker and mic produced clear and loud audio output. Even if your visitor is a bit further from the doorbell he/she can still clearly hear what you are saying.

The nest app also have a web version which you can access from the nest website. The nest web app gives you the ability to live stream your doorbell, view recorded videos and even change some of the doorbell settings.


Being that the nest video Doorbell is a Google product we expected a seamless and smooth integration with the Google Home speakers and displays, which we got.

When you link the nest doorbell to your google home devices. You unlock some pretty useful features like the visitor Announcements or answering calls with your Google smart display.

With the visitor Announcements feature, when ever someone rings the nest Doorbell your Google home devices will tell you who is at the door. This works by you taging images of people who visited you with there names. And when next there visit the Google speaker announces to you with the name you stored. You can this post that guides you on how to activate visitor announcement on Googles home devices

If your have a Google smart display in your house you can always use it to stream or video chat with the person at your doorstep.

One downside of the nest doorbell that really hurts me, is the fact that it is not compatible with third-party partners like Alexa, Homekit and even IFTTT. But I hope in the future there become compatible with the device.


While you can use the nest video Doorbell with the free membership plan. You will need to upgrade to the nest aware membership to get full access to all the nest hello features. The subscription cost $5 (5-day video history), $10 (10-day video history) and $30 (30-days video history) per month.

With the free membership you can always live stream your doorbell from anywhere, and view images stores 3 hours ago. To be honest 3 hours is not a significant amount of time to store the recording, especially when you want to report a case to the police.

Upgrading your plan unlocks the 24 hours video recording feature, which records and stores the full day of recording for you. And you can always go back to any day and review the activities of that day. This feature is sure to hurt your data bandwidth and with that in mind nest gives you the ability to reduce the quantity of the videos.

You also get Person detection when you upgrade, and it works by using AI to distinguish between humans, pets and cars. You can then set the app to only send you notifications whenever it detects a human.


The nest video Doorbell is an excellent, good-looking and well-built doorbell that packs in a lot of features which sets it apart from its competition. The video quality from the camera is superb, and HDR works really well, even in direct sunlight.

The notification was delivered super fast and night vision/motion detection all worked well. At the price of $229, I can say having the nest Doorbell is well worth it. Although you will still have to pay monthly/yearly fees to gain full access to the feature, but since it records a full 24 hours video and stores it for you is a feature none of its competitors offers.

The fact that it does not support Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Homekit and IFTTT might prove to be a deal-breaker for some. But overall the Google nest video Doorbell is one you should check out. You can get the nest hello video doorbell from amazon

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