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Ring Video Doorbell 2 Latest Review 2020


Are you looking for a way of ensuring the safety of yourself, family and property? Then I will like to introduce to you the Ring video doorbell 2 security camera.

The doorbell comes with cool features like video streaming, 2-way talk, night sight and cloud storage. That is meant to give you a feeling of control and security.

About Company

If you are into home security or security doorbells, you might have heard of the Ring company or you may even own one of there products.

The company was formed when the inventor Jamie Siminoff was with his wife and shared his ideas with his wife. who loved the idea and encouraged him to go ahead. Which he did and his products have been really helpful to a lot of us.

The company is currently based in Santa Monica, California. It has a clear and determined mission to reduce the crime rate around neighborhoods. The ring workers are very driven at ensuring the safety of your family and properties.

They strategies deeply before every decision, to design products that will give homeowners peace of mind, as well as inventing new features that would help to protect homes even more in the future. As well as reducing the stress of checking or answering who is at the door.

Ring’s Video Doorbell 2

The ring video doorbell 2 is a pretty solid security camera that packs in a lot of features that are sure to help you secure your family and property. With a striking design, this device should discourage thieves from breaking into your property and if they should go ahead.

The doorbell 2 will record and alert you about the situation in real-time. With this security gadget you can answer the door from anywhere you Are, as well as video chat will whoever is at the door from the comfort of anyway.

All these are delivered in high definition videos to your device thanks to the good sensors it packs in it.


What’s in the box:

The Ring doorbell 2 box is a packed box with a lot of stuff into it. The presentation is simple and arranged. Here is the list of the box content:

1: Ring Video Doorbell 2
2: Rechargeable battery pack
3: Adapter Plate
4: Spare face-plates
5: USB charging cable
6: Mounting kit
7: Installation tools
8: User Manual 9: Security sticker

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Ring's Video Doorbell 2

The Ring doorbell 2 has a modern minimalist design. It has two color options which are all black or black and silver combo. You can always change the color thanks to the two cover plates offered in the box.

I prefer the sliver and black combo. But tell me which one you prefer in the comments below.

The top part is where the camera sensor is located. It is covered with transparent glass. The lower part is where the snap-in battery is housed, as well as other essential sensors.


The video doorbell 2 packs in a lot of features as I had mentioned before, among those features are motions detection. When a visitor or an intruder comes in range, the sensor will be triggered and it will automatically start recording who is at your door. It will also automatically send you a notification anytime anyone comes in range.

Of course, you have the option to change the range distance. Let’s say you set it at the gate of your houses and people always walk past your gate. You can then reduce the range of the sensor, so it does not trigger until a person is close. And vice versa for the opposite scenario.


The camera on this device is an upgrade from the 720p resolution of the previous Ring doorbell version, to a full HD 1080p resolution.

Ring's Video Doorbell 2

The camera is located at the top of the device. And is visible from any angle. Which is good because it can deter any intruder from coming close to your door.

Thanks to doorbell 2 you can watch your doorsteps from anywhere at 1080p.

But in testing. The camera quality was not as clear as a 1080p camera should be. It is good enough to make out faces and the environment. But when it comes to a true high definition video quality, it lacks here.

The security gadget supports night vision. Which I feel was a no-brainer, taking into consideration that the main camera’s quality is not that best during daylight, so you can imagine at night when the camera would receive less light, so face recognition might be difficult at this time.

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The gadget supports 2-way talk. So you can see, hear and talk with whoever is at your door in real-time.

For situations where a package is being delivered, but you are not at home or you are too busy. You can simply chat with the delivery man from your smartphone or Echo device.


Ring's Video Doorbell 2 battery
Credit: Ring

The smart doorbell 2 comes with a hefty 6100 mAH snap-in battery. And according to the rating from the company, it should last you up to 6 months, Before you need to recharge it.

Before installing the battery you will need to charge it up. Which took about 6 hours to fully charge up, kinda slow to charge but considering the size of the battery, that can slide I guess.

Installing the battery is quite easy. It has this snap-in metal that just snaps in when you insert it in the dock.

If your former doorbell is connected to electricity. Then you can simply connect the AC wire to the New doorbell and you won’t need to worry about checking on your doorbells battery anymore.

NOTE you can connect the wires in any order. No positive or negative terminals on it.

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The video doorbell 2 works over a wi-fi connection. The company recommends an upload speed of 2 MB per second for the best quality but it should work on a lower speed like 1 MB per second.

On testing the WiFi works quite well, but if you are going to be placing it somewhere far from your router. Then I would advise you to include in your shopping cart. The WiFi extender for better reception for the doorbell.

But if it’s close to your router or your speed is good enough you should be able to stream without lags when answering.


Ring's Video Doorbell 2 app
Credit: Ring

The Ring’s video doorbell 2 does not come with any onboard storage device. Rather has a membership plan called Ring protection plan that gives you access to cloud storage.

But I feel there could have included a little storage that would hold a day’s worth of activity. So to access all your videos and activities you need to login to the app or website to view them.

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The ring doorbell comes with a free 30 days free trial when you buy it. Which should give you access to stream and watch videos stored. After that, you will pay a monthly fee of $3/month to access stored videos.

You can still stream with the free version, but you can only store and view videos recorded within the last 24 hours.

You can also upgrade to a higher subscription, which gives you the ability to connect unlimited Ring devices for $10/month. That if you have them in multiple places in your home.


You get a full year warranty on parts and a lifetime protection plan. you Don’t understand? Let me explain?.

If any of the parts should develop a fault from the operation you get your normal replacement, if it was purchased less than a year.

While for the lifetime protection plan. If your doorbell was stolen by thieves. You can contact the customer service and you will get a new one sent to you for Free.


The smart Doorbell 2 comes into the market at $199 which is a reasonable price for the functionality and features it offers to home users.

I feel the price could have been a little bit lower when compared with the Ring Doorbell 1 that is sold for $99.


Another good feature about this doorbell is its support for a lot of add-ons, which you can add to enhance its performance or life.

I will be listing for you the 3 best add-ons I think you should add to your cart. If you feel it will be useful to you.

Wasserstein Solar Charger Mount:

Wasserstein Solar Charger Mount
Credit: Wasserstein

The Wasserstein solar mount was specifically made for Ring doorbells and is compatible with all Ring door security cameras. The Wasserstein solar mount is made whether proof thanks to the high-quality materials it is made from.

With a charging speed for 1% every 2 hours under direct sunlight and 1% every 5 hours during lowlights times. It’s not that fastest solar charger because of its size and don’t forget the battery on this doorbell is quite big.

But it should extend your battery life for a longer period. This comes in useful when you are Installing the doorbell in place with no wiring. You can get this add-on from Amazon at $39.99

Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender:

Ring Chime Pro, Indoor Chime, and Wi-Fi Extender
Credit: Ring

If you don’t have a chime already installed. You can get the Ring chime pro and connect it with your Doorbell.

With the Ring chime pro, you can extend the range of your Doorbells alerts as well as amplifying the alert sound.

It comes with a WiFi booster to help increase the WiFi strength for all ring doorbells and security cameras you may have installed in your home.

Installation is quite easy, all you need to do. Is to plug the device to a socket and connect it to your doorbell.

It comes with different sounds to choose from with volume controllers. You can get this device at Amazon for $49.99

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack:

Ring Rechargeable Battery Pack
Credit: Ring

You can also get an extra battery pack which you can use to replace the other one when it runs down. It is a 6100Mah batter that should last you 5-6 months based on your motion and light settings. It has a quick-release metal for easy installation and removal.

If you will be getting the solar mount or connect the doorbell to a power source I don’t think you will be needing the extra battery pack unless you have a faulty battery. You can get this from Amazon for $29

Pros and Cons:


  • It has a good and striking design
  • It has streams 1080p videos
  • Comes with a long-lasting battery.
  • Offers lifetime protection warranty.
  • Easy to install.
  • Supports 2-way talk.


  • Videos are not up to 1080p quality standards
  • You have to pay membership fees to access stored videos.
  • No on-board storage.


How to install the Ring doorbell 2?

1: Charge the batteries:

Before installing your new doorbell. You will need to charge up the battery. Even though you can hardwire your doorbell, the battery serves as a backup power source.

To charge all you need to do is to plug the battery to the included power adapter and you should see a red light indicating it’s charging. When it’s fully charged, the red light will disappear.

2: secure the doorbell to the wall/door:

If you know your ways around tools. Then you might want to install the doorbell at the door your self. In the box, you are giving some tools which should help you.

If where you are Installing it has wires, then you can connect the wire to the terminals at the back of the doorbell 2.

3: download the app:

To continue with the installation you will need to download the ring app. It is available for both iPhone and Android devices. The app is the place where you will have access to the videos stored, get alerts, talk with visitors as well as live chat.

2: Final setup:

Now that the battery is charged. Now to install the battery to the doorbell, you should slide it into the dock and the battery should snap right in.
After installing the battery your doorbell should power up and light up in the center.

Now to connect your ring 2 to WiFi. Click on the top right button of your doorbell. The on your phone connect to the Ring WiFi network.

After that open the ring app and select your home WiFi and enter the password. If you are connected then your ring video doorbell 2 is active.

Does Ring doorbell 2 works without subscription?

Yes, the doorbell 2 should serve you well without a subscription. The subscription plan is more like a cloud storage plan.

You get to have the ability to stream your doorstep in real-time anywhere with the free version. You can also have access to videos recorded within the last 24 hours.

Can the doorbell 2 run without battery?

Yes, the doorbell 2 can run without battery if you install and connect the wiring at the back to an electric source. It should work properly if you have a stable and reliable electrical connection. You Can also read the doorbell pro Review


For my final thoughts. I think this device is a good way of ensuring the safety of your family and properties from home or anywhere.

I like the looks of the gadget, and also the fact that you get notified any time anyone comes to your door. Some might find it annoying at first but trust me, it’s a really good security feature you will come to like later.

Because it gives you this sense of control and security knowing that no one can Intrude your home without your knowledge. The sound quality from the doorbell sounds good and clear. So your visitors will be able to hear whatever you say clearly.

The fact that it supports Alexa devices is cheery on top. Giving you the ability to answer the door with Alexa and view who is at the door from your Alexa display. You can get the doorbell 2 from Amazon at $199

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