Ring Doorbell Pro Latest Review 2020

Ring Doorbell Pro Latest Review 2020

Ring Video Doorbell Pro









  • Sleek and modern design
  • Clear 1080p video
  • Allows you set your motion detection zone
  • Easy to install
  • User-friendly app


  • You need subscription to access cloud storage
  • Deos not work with batteries


With the increasing popularity of surveillance cameras and cloud storage. And as crime rate seems to increase in some areas, the Ring franchise has been one of the leading brands in the smart home security market.

The Ring video doorbell pro is a sleek and modern designed video doorbell. It comes with an excellent camera sensor that shoots full HD at 1080p.

It also offers you complete control over the motion detection zone and intensity. You can live stream your doorsteps from anywhere with the Ring app. The doorbell pro supports Night vision and two-way live chat.

While still offering a solid doorbell that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

What’s in the box:

The doorbell pro comes in a neat and exciting package. From the box, you get to see the main features like the 1080p camera, advanced motion detection zones, two-way live chat, night vision etc.

Ring is well known for providing a clean and packed box, and the Doorbell Pro is no different. Here is the list of box content.

• Ring video doorbell pro.
• A Chime
• Mounting plate
• Mason drill bit
• three extra faceplate, a black, brown and cream colour.
• screwdriver with a two-ended bit.
• Warranty cards and installation guides.
• dual circuit breaker/transformer
• plug adapter for the chime

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Ring doorbell pro
Credit: Amazon

Ring doorbell Pro has a stylish modern design with a premium slim look. The doorbell pro comes with the same features and functionalities as the doorbell 2. but all packed in a smaller package.

It is 20 per cent thinner and 0.6 inches narrower than the previous doorbell 2, which gives it a more appealing look when placed at your door or Wall.

The slimmer design comes with a sacrifice. Yes, the batteries. Ring decided to ditch the batteries this time due to the size of the device.

Which means that the doorbell Pro cannot be battery operated instead, you will have to connect it with your existing doorbell wiring.

The doorbell pro is made of plastic material with a build quality that can withstand harsh weather conditions.

At the middle of the device is where the button is located, with a white ring surrounding it, which turns blues when pressed.

Just above it is the camera’s sensor which is very visible from any angle. It should help discourage an intruder from breaking into your property.

The Doorbell Pro has four color Face-plate which are Silver, Black, Brown and Cream, which are all included in the box.


The doorbell pro camera offers HD 1080p videos quality. The videos from this camera are clear and crisp.

In comparison with the Ring doorbell 2, both devices supports 1080p videos, but the videos from the doorbell pro are better in quality than the doorbell 2.

Ring video doorbell pro
Credit: Amazon

Face recognition won’t be an issue during day or night time. Thanks to the night vision sensor on the doorbell pro.

When it comes to the range, you should get clean and clear images from subjects 10 ft away. It won’t be able to pick up Faces of people down the street or license plates of cars parked close to your building.

The two-way communication on this camera is clean. Image quality on live chat is excellent if your home WiFi is reliable (recommend speed is 2 MB per second but should work with 1 MB per second).

On the audio side, the speaker produces clean and crisp sound. Both you and your visitor would be able to chat properly.

Good for dismissing that annoying ex or neighbour you don’t want to see. you can also answer the delivery man from anywhere if you are busy or not at home

Overall the camera of the device is one of the aspects where this device shine.


the doorbell pro comes with a more advanced motion detection system than its predecessor. The motion detection sensor works well.

It gives you the ability to map out a 3D area of where you want it to detect motion. Unlike the doorbell 2, where you can only set the range of its sensor.

You get instant notifications whenever the sensor is triggered and also records the first 10 secs and last 60 sec of what happened before the sensor was triggered.

So you are rest assured that no matter where you are, you know what’s happening at your home.

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This smart home security camera comes with an excellent night vision. The images produced by the sensor are clear. You can recognize faces and nearby objects easily.

Live chat is also good on night vision, but I don’t think this will be a feature a lot of people will be using anyways.

If you have a smart home hub and you want to take it up a notch. You can link the doorbell pro with your smart hub so that when it detects motion, it activates other smart home gadgets like lights, AC and TV etc.

Membership / Storage:

Ring video doorbell pro comes with no onboard storage, same thing as the video doorbell 2. Instead, all video and images recorded are stored in the cloud. To access the videos, you will need to have a active ring plan.

You can go for either the free or paid plan. You can subscribe for $3 per month($30 per year) which supports only one ring doorbell or pay $10 per month($100 per year) and connect all doorbells around your home.

With the free version, you can live chat from anywhere, as well as watch videos that were stored less than 24 hours ago. While with the paid plan, you can save videos and access them anytime. You also can activate all ring devices in your house.

I would recommend the premium version for everyone. But Still, if the premium features won’t be useful to you, then go for the free plan.


The ring app is where you get all your notification, live chat, settings as well as access to all stored videos. The app is a well-designed app, with a user-friendly interface.

The app makes the installation of the doorbell a breeze, as it also offers image and video step by step tutorial on how to go about installing the doorbell.

You can customize the type of notifications you get from the doorbell. You can also snooze the notification for a later time if you are busy or in a meeting. But I would highly recommend you don’t.

With the ring app, you have access to the ring community watch platform. Where you will meet people who have a ring doorbell installed and live close to you.

The community is aimed at helping each other. as well as alert members of suspicious activity happening in their neighbourhood.

Alexa Integration:

You can link the doorbell with Alexa. If you want to get voice alerts at home. You can also connect it with compatible fire TV or echo show device. Which allows you to answer and watch video call from your echo show device.

It is not compatible with the Google assistant. But the Neat hello is compatible with the Google assistant.


Ring video doorbell pro does not come with an onboard battery due to its smaller size. While the ring video doorbell 2 supports battery power.

To power your doorbell pro you will have to hardwire it. If you have an existing Doorbell, then you can use the wiring there.

If you don’t like the location and you want to install it in a new place, then you have two options. You can either create new wiring space, or you can buy the Doorbell Pro adapter.

But if your previous doorbell is at a suitable location in your house. Then all you need is to connect the wires to the back of the doorbell.

You don’t need to worry about the positive and negative terminal when connecting. Just connect the two wires, and it should work.

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At $249 the ring video doorbell pro is more expensive than the video doorbell 2 at $199, the RCA Doorbell at $149 and nest hello which cost $229.

The price might be higher. But when you take into consideration the features and versatility it offers you, the sleek and modern design, as well as the advanced motion detection zone Mapping. I think the price is well worth it for everything you get.

It’s good to NOTE. That to access all your stored videos. You need to have an active ring membership plan. The nest hello requires a membership plan to have access to all features. While the RCA Doorbell does not need a subscription to access videos.


Plug Adapter For ring video doorbell pro:

If you are placing the doorbell pro in a place where you don’t want to have new wiring, then you can get the Ring video doorbell Pro wall Adapter. It should plug into any standard power socket to keep your doorbell on.

This socket gives you the ability to install your Doorbell pro anywhere you wish, without worrying about wire installations. The cable is 20 feet long.

The Ring doorbell adapter only works with the doorbell pro. You cant use it on the original doorbell or doorbell 2.

This adapter cable is more suited for people living in a small or medium size apartment. You can get the Adapter from Amazon at $29

Ring chime pro and WiFi extender:

If you intend installing your doorbell somewhere far from your WiFi router. Then I would recommend you also get the ring chime pro and WiFi extender. Because it increases the WiFi strength going to all the doorbell you have installed.

The chime pro works with any standard power output. For this one, you don’t need to do any wiring job. You just plug it in and connect.

The sound from the chime is loud enough to be heard from distant rooms. It allows you to select your preferred alert tones from a list of multiple tones.

It comes with a do not disturb mode and volume control which you can set from the ring app. You can get the ring chime pro and WiFi extender from Amazon for $49.99



• Sleek and modern design
• Clear 1080p video
• Community watch features.
• Allows you set your motion detection zone.
• User-friendly app
• Integrates with Alexa
• Easy to install


• Deos not work with battery
• You need subscription to access cloud storage
• Plastic construction.
• No included mounting wedge.


When you buy the Ring video doorbell pro, you get one year warranty on part and lifetime theft protection.

So if your doorbell get stolen, you can contact the ring customer service and request for a new unit, and it will be delivered to you.

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For my final verdict. I would recommend the doorbell pro if you are looking for a smart home security camera that is stylish, sleek and compact. With excellent features that help to secure your self, family and property.

The doorbell camera sensors are among the best in the market, the sound quality During live chats were loud and crisp. The motion detection works perfectly. It also gives you the ability to map out the zone in 3D.

The night vision does not disappoint at all. Faces are clear and recognizable.

You get a 30 days free Ring membership when you buy the video doorbell pro, after that, you can either pay $3 per month to control one doorbell or $10 per month to support all ring devices in your house. You can get the doorbell pro from Amazon at $249

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