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Setting Up An Amazing Smart Bedroom For Your Kids In 2020

Most kids spend most of there time in the room, either reading, playing, or sleeping. The bedroom is where we all go to unwind and relax. And by adding some smart gadgets to your kid’s room, you can significantly improve the ambiance and experience there get while in their room.

While some smart devices are meant to entertain your child, some are intended to give you control over the room and the ability to set a bedtime schedule accordingly to your wish.

In this post, I will be discussing on some of the ways you can upgrade your kids room and also maybe implement the same thing in your room too.

A voice-Assistant:

Google Home in smart bedroom

When setting up your child’s smart room, the first thing you should get should be a voice assistant. And with this setup, you can either go for the Amazon Echo kids edition or the Google Assistant(With parental guidance settings on).

With this type of voice assistant, you still get the same functionality and Feature. You can always ask Alexa or the Google Assistant to perform tasks, and it will perform them. But this time, you can restrict explicit songs from playing, set bedtime schedule, and even view your child’s recent activity with the Echo dot kids edition.

If you already own an echo dot or let’s say multiple echo dots, you can easily convert it to the kid’s edition if you want to place one in the room and cut cost.

While the Google Assistant does not have a dedicated child edition speaker, you can always go into the settings and turn on parental guidance mode, which would help make all content and commands child-friendly.

With these Assistants your child will be able to do tons of things, like play games with the Assistant, learn fun facts as well as send commands like turning off the lights in the room. Talking of light, let’s go to the next point.

Install A Smart Bulb:

Kids room lighting

Now that we have the voice assistant out of the way, the next smart gadget you should be looking to get is smart bulbs or smart switches.

As we all know, a lot of kids are afraid of sleeping in the dark, and getting the right lighting fixtures is essential for the best sleeping experience and a happy child.

Let’s start with smart bulbs. Currently, the best set of smart bulbs you can get for your kid’s room are either the Philips hue, Lifx, or Tp-Links smart bulbs. And by mixing smart bulbs and light strips can give your kids room the perfect lighting.

You can use the bulbs as the primary source of light in the room for both day and night time activities and use the light strips as a sort of subtle light, which is only good for a more pleasing light setting but also makes for an excellent night light. Meaning that if your child, for any reason, should wake up in the middle of the night, he/she can see clearly and even move around the room without needing to turn on the light bulbs.

Almost all smart bulbs come with there dedicated app for controlling the lights. You can set up an automation that either turns on or turn off the light at specific times of the day. Let’s take an example with bedtime. You can set an automation that switches off the bulbs and dims the lights strip intensity after 9 pm.

Lutron smart Switch

If you don’t want to change the light bulbs or your don’t see the reason to spend more money on smart bulbs. With smart switches like Lutron, you can install a smart switch in your kid’s room, which will help your automate your regular light bulbs.

Just like Smart bulbs, most smart switches come with its dedicated app, but you can always link them up with your voice Assistants for smoother operations. You can use them to dim your lights(if it’s dimmable) and create scenes and automation that turn them on and off. You can read this article that compares smart bulbs and smart switches to help you make your choice.


ps4 in room.

I personally don’t think there is a kid in this world who doesn’t want to be entertained or have fun. I myself grew up loving video games. And placing some entertainment systems in your child room should be part of your to-do list.

Now, if your kids are still small, I believe the echo dot or Google home speakers you placed in the room should be good enough for there music consumption. But if you have older kids with more demands on the audio quality, you can consider getting a speaker like Sonos or JBL speaker, which offers a much more vibrant and crisp sound output. These speakers are also compatible with both Alexa, The Google Assistant, and even Apple’s home kit.

If you don’t mind TV or games in the room, you could Install a small Size TV In your kid’s room and a gaming console to help keep them a bit busy.

So for entertainment, the decision is yours to make. While some parents don’t mind Installing a TV in the kid’s room, others oppose the motion, and the choice comes down to you and your partner.

Smart Plugs:

Smart home plugs

There is no room that is complete without appliances, and as a parent, you might want to have a certain level of control over the usage of those appliances, and that’s where smart plugs come in.

Let’s say you decided to install a TV set in your child’s room. You can use this smart plugs to control the usage or schedule a bedtime Automation that cuts off power to the TV after 9:30 pm.

One cool Feature about smart plugs is that it can also help you to save money on electricity bills. Well, with smart plugs, you can create an automatically that turns off all electrical appliances when no one is at home and turns them on as soon as you get back home, thereby saving you some money.

A smart button like Flic and the Echo button can be used to control the smart plug, by either turning on/off the smart plug with just a click of the button.

Wireless Cameras:

Wyze Security camera

If you tend to travel a lot for work or you usually come back home late from your job. Checking in on your kids when there are at home can be hard. But thanks to wireless indoor security cameras, you can now stream videos from your home from anywhere.

Wireless cameras like Wyze, Nest, and so on, Gives you the sense of being at home without actually being there. If your kids are quite playful you can use the WiFi camera to check if your kids are behaving well and not messing everywhere up.

And if you feel like you want to talk to them, you could always do that, thanks to the inbuilt speakers and mics. You can have a full conversation with your kid.

You might think what’s the need for the camera since you can always video call your child. But with the wireless camera, you can always check in your child after bedtime to see if they’re sleeping well and so much more.

If you are conscious about your online privacy, cameras like Nest, Arlo and Wyze all uses military-grade encryption to transmit your videos and 2-factor authentication will add an extra layer of security to your WiFi Camera.

As I said before, the decision on how you set up your kid’s smart room is totally up to you. You can surely cut down costs on some products in this post, and I hope this post helps in your decision making. Thanks, you very much, see you later.

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