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Smart Devices That Can Protect Your Home From Hazards.


If you are a homeowner, then securing your home and property is a top priority for you. Things like a faulty machine, burst pipes can channel water to unwanted places in your home, leading to damaged ceiling and electronics. Smoke and fire hazard are also another event you may have to worry about. Not to talk of intruder and thieves breaking into your home.

Monitoring and managing all these events is not only time consuming and stressful. But When you are not at home, you have no control over the situation, and that where smart home sensors come to your rescue. Most smart home sensors are discreet sensor you place at potential hazard spots like around the washing machine ( for water leakage) at the kitchen (for fire damage) and at the doors and windows ( for intruders). And whenever there are triggered, you will get notified about the potential hazard so that you fix it.

Most sensors are easy to use sensors and require no experience to use them. Which means you can install them and go rest with some level of security and peace of mind. Some smart home sensors are standalone sensors that work over WiFi and delivery notifications straight to your phone. Others are compatible with other smart home devices, giving you the ability to create some Automation that could potentially save you alot if money

In this post, I will be list some smart home sensors you can get today to help secure your home from unexpected situations.

Smart smoke detector:

Fire hazard is one of the biggest causes of property loss, and while having a Normal smoke detector that beeps whenever it detects smoke is cool and all. You can go for the smarter options. Smart smoke detector are the rave right now, because of the features and functionalities it offers, which includes voice-based alerts, phone notification, and even integration with other smart home devices for better performance.

This smart smoke detector helps in a lot of situations. For example, let’s say you are someone who travels a lot. When a fire is developing in your home, you or your neighbors may not know about it until it’s too late. But with smart smoke detector immediately smoke is detected, you will get a push notification to your phone, no matter where you are in the world, and some even allow you to add neighbors and friends to your watch list.

As I had mentioned, most smart smoke detector replaces your regular beeping alarm with a voice that alerts you if there is smoke. Obviously, this is a calmer option, and if you have a set of detectors around your home, not only will it tell you the exact place where smoke was detected but also guide you on the best action to take at that moment.

Since it is a smart smoke sensor, we will want to be able to integrate it with other smart-home devices. Most smart smoke detector comes with support for Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and smart home hubs, with this you can link your smoke detector with your thermostat and create an automation that shuts down the vents air circulation whenever smoke is detected. This will help prevent the smoke or fire from spreading to other rooms in the house, thereby saving life and property.

for our recommendation we suggest getting the nest protect. And here is a quick review.

Google lab nest protect:

The nest protect is currently one of the best smart smoke alarms you can get for your home. If you want a smoke alarm with the most features and reliable sensors then the nest lab is the one for you.

The nest protect sensor detects smoke/carbon monoxide and when triggered you will get a voice alert telling you have smoke and a push notification will then be sent to your phone. Nest also added an led light which changes color based on the threat level of the smoke.

The nest lab is also compatible with other nest product, like the nest thermostat. you can then create an automation that turn of the vent system whenever smoke is detected. The nest is priced at $104 and you can get it from amazon by clicking here

If you don’t want to change your current smoke detector or don’t have the money to get a smart one. You can get a smart Battery to help Automate your dumb smoke detector.

This obviously only works if your smoke detector is battery powered. This smart battery replaces your old smoke detector batteries and works by listening for your smoke detector alarm. And when even your alarms goes off, the battery will then send you a push notification on your phone to alert you of smoke.

This battery works over WiFi, meaning that you can get the alert from anywhere in the world. But it does not support smart home integration, which is a downer, but still won’t be a deal-breaker.

Right one, we only have one smart battery in the market, which is the Roost Smart battery at $35. This smart battery will help you save money if you are not in a hurry to change your old smoke detector.

Now, what if my smoke detector is wired and has no slot for batteries? Then, my friend, you can get a smart listener. It has the same working principle as the smart battery, where it stays on standby, waiting for your smoke alert to go off.

But this device plugs into your power outlet and works over WiFi and some ZigBee. With a smart listener, we have a little more flexibility when choosing which one to buy. But my recommendation is the Leeo smart Alert, which is priced at $50. It is a little pricier than the smart battery but still worth the extra bucks.

Water leakage and Freeze sensor:

Although water is essential to life and we all need it in our home either for drinking, bathing, or washing. Having water in unwanted places in your home can cause some severe property damage if not appropriately managed.

Most water leakages occur when you have a failed water heater, a burst pipe, a clogged toilet, and so on. Just as a smart smoke detector is essential in your home, a smart water leakage sensor is a must buy.

As water can lead to damaged ceiling, damaged carpets/rugs, and even development of mold, which will cost way more to fix than getting the sensors.

Smart water leakage sensors are sensors you place in potential leakage spots. When the sensor detects water or even freezing temperatures, it will play a loud alarm as well as send you a notification on your phone alerting you of the danger.

Most water leakage sensors are battery powered, while others need to be plugged to a power outlet. Support for smart home integration is available for almost all water leakage sensors. Some of the best water leakage sensors you can get for your home are:

IHome Control WI-FI Leak Sensor ISB02:

The IHome brand is a known brand in the smart home market, and the IHome leak sensor is another excellent product from them. The IHome sensor comes with two sensors attached by a 6-foot sensor probe. Consisting of the main sensor and a smaller sensor at the end of the 6-foot probe, which gives you the ability to place it in 2 close potential leak spots.

The sensor works with your home WiFi so that you can get notified anywhere you are in the world. And also eliminating the need for a smart home hub. You still get some smart home compatibility, as you can still integrate it with other IHome devices and IFTTT to create automation whenever the leak sensor is Triggered. For example, you can create an automation that flashing your light three times and give you a call whenever leakage is detected.

Apart from getting a notification on your phone, the sensor also blasts out a loud alarm, which is loud enough to be heard even if you are 1600 feet away. But might be difficult to hear if your home has thick walls and soundproofing in some rooms. If you build your home around smart home hubs or z-wave devices, then you can get the Fibaro Flood Sensor instead. You can get it from Amazon by clicking here.

Honeywell water leak sensor:

The Honeywell water leakage sensor is another option you can go for. It would have been our top pick for water leakage sensorsp, but because it does not support smart home integration, it is our second pick for you.

This sensor also works over WiFi, and when the sensors get triggered, you will get a notification on your phone. It can detect high freezing temperatures and high humidity, which all work well. At $51, you can get this device from Amazon by clicking here

Contact sensors:

Now that you have secured your home from water and fire hazard, it’s now time to secure your properties from Intruders. And When it comes to securing your home from thieves/intruder, you have different ways to go about it. But in this post we will be focusing on contact sensors.

Contact sensors are One of the easiest and cheapest ways of securing your home from thieves. Contact sensors are usually small discreet devices you place in-between your doors and windows, and whenever the door/window is opened, you will get notified about that on your phone.

It works by installing two parts of the sensor at the top of the door/ window, and when it gets open, it breaks the magnetic field between the two sensors and triggers it to send you an alert on your phone. Our recommendation will be the Wyze sense starter kit and the Samsung SmartThings contact sensors.

Wyze sense starter kit:

Wyze is a well-known name in the home automation world for producing cheap and high-quality smart home gadgets. With that, Wyze decided to release the Wyze sense starter kit that comes with four contact sensors and a motion sensor for just $20.

And at that price tag, getting this kit is a steal considering that other manufacturers sell one unit at that price, but Wyze is giving us four sensors to place at different places in our homes.

While you can install this sensor at your door and window, you can still install it in unusual places like the fridge and cookie box (to keep that cookie theif away). The sensors are battery-powered, and depending on usage should last you about a year before needing replacement. There also supports smart home integrations, and you can link them with either a hub, Alexa, IFTTT, and your phone. Amazon currently has an offer where you get a the Wyze sense kit and the wyze cam V2 for $48. Get it by clicking here

Samsung SmartThings sensor:

Just like the Wyze contact sensors that notify you whenever your door is opened. This time the SmartThings sensor comes with one unit in the box. But what the SmartThings lacks in quantity it makes up for with features and quality. Apart from the contact sensor, it has a vibration sensor, angle trigger, and a temperature sensor.

The vibration sensor is meant to alert you when it senses vibration on your door, like when an intruder is trying to break in your home with force. While angle trigger is meant to alert you whenever someone attempts to tamper with your sensor and the temperature sensor adds that extra layer of protection to your home in case of fire.

The SmartThings sensor has a longer-lasting battery when compared to the Wyze sensors, and it works with the Samsung SmartThings hub. you can get the SmartThings sensor from Amazon by clicking here

Other gadgets you can look add to the list are smart locks and video doorbell.


As the old saying goes prevention is better than cure, this also applies to your homes and property. And you will be wise to secure your home and property. When deciding on which smart device you want to get, you can sit and calculate if upgrading to a smarter options will be the best options for you. No doubt a smart device beats a old dumb one anyday and I hope the devices I have listed in the post helps you make your decision.

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