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Use The Google Home And Assistant As a Smart Alarm Clock, And Your Mornings Will Not Be The Same Anymore

Time is an essential part of our lives. As the saying goes, Time is Money. So wasting time or misusing time is never appreciated by anyone and our go-to device for managing time has been the Alarm clock, we have trusted it with our birthdays, waking us up for work and so much more.

But over the years the Alarm clock has seen some radical change made to it. Thanks to the Google Home speakers you can now have a smart alarm clock next to your bed. This smart alarm allows you to set regular or even music alarm with only your voice. As well as cancel or check on all your active alarms in a matter of seconds.

Today we will be focusing on how to set, cancel, and check alarms with the Google assistant and Home smart speakers, as well as other cool tricks you can do with the Google Home smart speakers.

How To Set An Alarm With The Google Assistant: 

Google Home Smart Speaker - Gadgetside best smart speakers review

Setting up an Alarm with the Google assistant is quite straightforward, but first, you need to ensure that the smart speaker is set-up and linked with your Google Home app on your device for a more seamless Google experience. Before we start setting up alarms, I want to introduce you to the three primary types of alarms you can set.

Which are the General Alarm(for your regular beeping alarms), Media alarm(this plays a song or radio station instead of the beeping sound), and the Character Alarm( a character from famous movies and cartoons will announce your alarm).

Google home alarms

To set the alarm with your Google Home speakers, you simply say “Hey Google, set an alarm for 7:00 today,” and the Google Assistant will set a one time alarm after confirming the time with you. Or you could as well say “Hey Google set an Alarm for 5:30 pm” and the Google assistant will set the alarm. 

If you are someone who finds it hard to get out of bed, then you can set up regular alarms for every morning, or alarms for checking on your garden and so on.

For this, all you have to say is, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 8:30 pm every day,” and at 8:30 pm every day, the Google assistant will beep you an Alarm. Or if you want to be specific, you could say “Hey Google, Set an Alarm for 6:00 am Every Thursdays“. And you are set.

If you like keeping things clean and organized, you can sort out your alarms by naming them. This will help you keep track of your active alarms, and if you have a smart display, you will get a visual representation of the alarm. 

To name an alarm, all you need to say is, “Hey Google, set an alarm for 2 pm, named Wake up“. Or “Hey Google, set an alarm for 6 pm every day, named go to the Gym“.

If you have gotten over an alarm or no longer need an alarm, you can cancel specific alarms or cancel all your alarms if you wish. To cancel an alarm, you say, “Hey Google, cancel my alarm for 6 pm“. If you named the alarm you could say “Hey Google, cancel Alarm named [name],” and it will be canceled. You can cancel all alarms if you wish by saying, “Hey Google, Cancel all my alarms.” 

How to Snooze Or Stop Alarms on the Google Home Smart Speaker:

Snoozing or stoping alarms in the Google home speakers or Google home mini is relatively straightforward. To snooze an alarm, all you have to say is “Hey Google, snooze alarm,” and the alarm will be snoozed for 10 mins. If you want to snooze it for a specific time, you can say, “Hey Google, snooze alarm for 20mins” and the alarm will be snoozed for 20 mins. 

When it comes to stoping alarms, you can do it the smart way or the old traditional way. Let’s start with the smart way, “your voice.” To stop an alarm, all you have to say “Hey Google, stop alarm” and the Google Assistant will stop the alarm.

Now when waking up, it might be uncomfortable using your voice to stop an alarm. So Google decided to add the traditional way, which is tapping the top of the Google Home Or Home mini smart speaker and the alarm will be stopped, just be careful, so you don’t hit your speaker.

How To Set Up Media Alarms (MUSIC/RADIO) Alarms On The Google Home Smart Speaker: 

google home alarm on the nest hub max

Waking up to your favorite song or radio station is a great way to start your day. And thanks to Google, you can set up music or radio alarms. So to set a media alarm on the Google Home smart speaker, you can say “Hey Google, play (music/radio station) alarm at 4 pm tomorrow” or “Hey Google, play (music/ radio station) alarm at 6 am every Saturday” for recurring alarms.

Songs being used are pulling from the default music streaming service you have set on your Google Home account. On default, you have it set in the Google music, but a quick dive into the settings and you can change it to your preferred music streaming service.

How To Set Character Alarm With Your Google Home Smart Speaker Or Assistant:

Won’t it be cool to hear the voice of the Teenage mutant ninja turtles as your alarm? Well, Google home speakers allow you to create character-based Alarms that replace the regular beep or media alarm with the voice of your favorite character.

This type of alarms sees character speak out motivational quotes which will help you get that job done. Which is sure to be a winner with the kids, with most of the characters being targeted to them. To activate a character alarm you can say “Hey Google, set a Leonardo alarm 2pm“. Here is the list of characters currently supported by Google.

  • Lego City
  • Lego Life
  • Lego Friends
  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  • Leonardo
  • Michelangelo
  • Raphael
  • Donatello
  • April O’Neil
  • Hatchimals

Now that we are done with the three basic types of alarms. Let’s look at some other cool things you can do with your Google Home smart speaker. 

How To Use The Google Home Or Assistant To Sleep Better:

You can use the Google Assistant to play Ambient and relaxing sounds that could help improve your sleeping experience. You can dose off to the sounds of gentle raindrops or the sound of wood burning in a campfire. While you can download these sounds and play them on your music player, the Google Assistant does this job a lot better.

To make the Google Assistant play Ambient sounds, say “Hey Google, play Ambient sounds” or “Hey Google, play relaxing sound,” and the Assistant will pick a random noise to play. If you want to be specific, you can say, “Hey Google, play campfire sounds.

If you want the sounds to stop playing after some time, you can say, “Hey Google, play Ambient sounds for 30mins” and when it’s precisely 30mins, the sounds will be stopped.

For kids, the Google Assistant makes for a great storyteller. You can teach your kids to say, “Hey Google, tell me a story,” and the Google Assistant will pull out some interesting stories to help your kids sleep off in bed

How To Create Routines For Morning and Bedtime with the Google Home Speaker And Assistant:

Another cool way to help ease your morning and bedtime time experience is to create routines and Automations to help you control multiple smart home devices with one command.

For example, you can have a morning routine that turns on your lights, music, and brews your coffee. Or have a nighttime routine that turns off your light, tunes down your TV and speaker volume, adjust the temperature and alarm your security. And all this can be done with just a single command. 

For morning “Hey Google, Good morning” will activate your morning routine and “Hey Google, it’s bedtime” will activate your night routine. 

NOTE: you will need to select the smart home device you want to include in your routines from the Google Home app before you can use the morning or bedtime routines. You can also create routines for many other things like movie time or gym. 

How to set Google home Alarms(remainders) from your phone or pc: 

Google nest mini smart speaker- Gadgetside best smart Speakers 2020

Sadly, Google does not allow us to set Google home Alarms from our phone, which would have made sense since we are always close to our phones. But instead, you can set a reminder from either your phone or PC, and you will get reminded from your Google Home speakers. 

To set a reminder from your phone, say, “Hey Google, set a reminder for 8 pm” or long-press on your home button. And the Google Assistant will pop up, then set a reminder by saying “set a reminder for 6 am,” and the Google Assistant will go ahead and set the reminder.

To set a reminder for pc, you simply open the Google Chrome software on your PC and type, “Set a reminder for 8 pm” in the search bar, and click on the Remind me on Google now button. And you will get notified when it’s time for the reminder.

How to cancel Google Home Alarm from your phone: 

If you wish to cancel or delete useless alarms, you can also do that from your phone. To delete an alarm, Open the Google Home app > then go to the Google home device settings > click on the Alarms & timers button > tab on the cancel icon next to the alarm you wish to delete.

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